Palestinians arrest 250 Hamas members following deadly shooting -

Palestinians arrest 250 Hamas members following deadly shooting

Experts say arrests show commitment to peace talks


The government of Mahmoud Abbas has arrested 250 Hamas militants after some members shot and killed four Israelis Tuesday in an effort to derail direct peace talks beginning this evening at the White House. Experts say the arrests are a sign that the Palestinian Authority is committed to the first direct peace talks in two years. Although Abbas controls the West Bank, Iran-backed Hamas continues to control the Gaza Strip. Hamas opposes Israel’s right to exist in any form. Tuesday’s attack happened near Hebron when a gunman shot at a passing vehicle, killing a married couple with five children and two others. Over 3,000 Palestinians rallied in Gaza to celebrate the deaths.

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Palestinians arrest 250 Hamas members following deadly shooting

  1. "Over 3,000 Palestinians rallied in Gaza to celebrate the deaths." What a bunch of barbarians. It's one thing to celebrate a victory in battle, but celebrating the killing of innocent civilians (including a pregnant lady) is despicable. I liken these people to vomit, they are toxic and repulsive.

    There is NO justification for this act.

  2. Did someone claim to see Libby Davies walking about wearing an ear to ear smile?

  3. Palestinians have many rich hand puppets, and they'll dance and play to the death for them all.

    60 years now, being the welfare state of the world while being barbaric, like killing and celebrating about murdering innocent Jews.

    • At least the government of Gaza seems to be growing some stones — so Israel won't have to go kick their asses.

      • Really hope that bears true.
        Someone there has got to realize the facts and truths eventually.

        • Hamas will do anything to stir things up though….

    • Jews are given ALL resources while Palestinians are given NOTHING. The Palestinians do not even have their own country. Jews are ruling the world, and it is sad people don't know it. And all you Americans who are typing this stuff, you all should be guilty. Where did the native americans go? YOUR PEOPLE KILLED THEM ALL! and whomever wrote this site, you are lying. 3,000 Palestinians would never rally to celebrate a death of innocent people. But Israeli people would. They have even made a video of the Israeli shooting an innocent Palestinian boy in the legs! The Israeli Jews posted it on the news for all their fellow Israeli Jews to see and laugh!! But nobody notices that right? The Palestinains are always blamed. WHY? BECAUSE RACISM STILL EXISTS!

      • Hey Tyaqqia baby!
        They – the palis – were ALSO celebrating HERE in the streets for 9/11in Montreal, you skanky liar.

        Jews..ruling the world…sh*t, I wish, as we'd likely have real world peace then…

        The ONLY terrorism in the whole world in the last 40 years has been from deranged inbred mohammedians.
        When the Palis love life more than they LOVE KILLING infidels, Jews and other muslums, then MAYBE there maybe peace there.
        Why did the Palis bust acres and acres of green houses from Bill Gates, that would have fed them?
        Pfft, but why should they work when they dress better than low wage earners in Westernized countries by being killers and manipulators of the worlds politicans like at the UN.

        P.s THIS IS A CANADIAN SITE wanker, so wakie wakie….your American hate is showing…makes you a terrorist to me.… MOST hate crime in America is AGAINST the JEWS, wonder by who since this is a fairly recent disturbing trend.
        Here's the proof of paliwood's media and the worlds LSM at work and what liars they all are.
        AND yet idots claim the JEWS run the world, where are you from a cave?

        AND Ali Dura was killed by his own, Palistians. Been proven in a court of law already, you bowhard. Channel 2's Jew haters of France, b/f with terrorists still….

        Oh and MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours.

  4. "Barbarians, toxic, repulsive, despicable" was the same way the native Americans were described while being exterminated.

    "More than 2,000 Palestinians killed and sixty Israelis in the past three years is enough violence.
    And I think as long as these one-sided policies continue, it's going to be very difficult to break this pattern."

    • ….was the same way the native Americans were described while being exterminated.

      Can you tell me exactly where that was stated by the Indians of Canada please? A link is fine.

      Given that overreaching and hyperbole statement I should know better than to respond to this sort of lopsided revisionist history brining our more bigotry, but here goes.

      Only reason the Israelis numbers are down significantly from the begriming of this decade is because they restricted access to them from their enemies. When the Palis want peace they'll love their children, life and the future more than they love killing the innocent especially the Jewish CITIZENS. Those ones causes them to positively celebrate in the streets handing out candy, just like on 9/11.
      The recent opening of a former check point has lead to what? More violence and death to Jews.
      Only a terrorist can support them at this point.
      Ask them to fight like men and take on an army instead of hiding behind school, skirts and diapers to launch their terror attacks.

      • I hope Abbas dealing with the terrorists and criminals in Hamas is more than simply a flash in the pan.

        It would be good to have a Palestinian political group worth cheering for.

        • I do as well Patrick, first time I've heard of 250 suspected members of Hamas being arrested over something like this.
          I'll await a positive outcome but I'll expect there may be many false starts before they actually stop their terrorizing murderous ways. Or an all out civil war within, first.

          Pressure from the outside should be maintained as well; think they're realizing they've lost wide public support which they had been capitalizing on for political points, charity and public sympathy for too long now. LSM for the large part deceived the public for years on this, but now the truth is out.

          With stunts like "flotillas", slanted yellow LSM with their outright lies in print, doctoring of photos to crop out Hamas's weaponry – Palestinians had better get on the quick learning curve.
          International media, REUTERS, AP, AFP and even BBC they've all employed terrorists as their stringers to always make these one sided doctored stories about those bad Israelis picking on the poor Palestinians.
          Time for that to end as well.

    • There will always be excuses for killing eh Guillermo? And somehow you will always use Americans as your excuse. That excuse is getting so tiring, if you look at others to blame for your failure you will end up achieving nothing. Grow up!

  5. It seems this people cheers for a sports team instead of a mass murder. What is the future of a society that considers killing of human beings as festive and celebrated events?

    • i don't know about their future, but their neighbours' futures will be bloody and terror-stricken. :-(