Palestinians lobby Canada ahead of UN statehood bid

Canada expected to vote against proposal for Palestinian membership in UN


Palestinian officials and community members are hoping to influence how the Canadian government votes when an expected proposal for Palestinian statement comes before the United Nations. Canada is not expected to support the proposal, but lobbyists hope to convince the government to at least abstain from the vote, Embassy reports. Earlier this summer, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said the recognition of a Palestinian state by the UN would be meaningless and that the only way such a state can be created is through peaceful negotiations with Israel. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 23. The Palestinians have not yet indicated whether they will seek full UN membership as an independent state, or an upgraded status as a non-member observer state. The first option requires the approval of the international body’s 15-member Security Council, where the U.S. is expected to veto any proposal on Palestinian statehood. To obtain an upgraded status as a non-member observer requires a simple majority from the 193-member General Assembly. Such a proposal is expected to easily pass, with or without Canada’s support. Linda Sobeh Ali, a Palestinian envoy in Canada, says she has heard that Canada is doing some lobbying of its own, trying to convince countries like Germany and Italy to vote against the expected Palestinian bid.




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Palestinians lobby Canada ahead of UN statehood bid

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    • Tolerance, spelling and grammar are wonderful things.

    • You don’t make any sense.

    • You can blame brainwashing for this one! If you believe Jesus is Lord, then I believe it says in the bible to love thy neighbour and you are CLEARLY lacking in this aspect. This makes me sad and being raised Pentecostal with Jewish roots and having friends from every Religion and cultural background, things like this give me a massive soul ache. I was taught by everyone around me to be respectful and respect their views. Knowledge cures ignorance. May there be peace in the Middle East! 

  2. So sad to be on the wrong side of history.

    • The wrong side of history? Go spew your hatred of Jews elsewhere.

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