Palestinians win full UNESCO membership

UN cultural body may lose U.S. funding


Palestinians gained full membership to UNESCO, the UN’s cultural organization, on Monday, winning the support of a majority of the body’s 173 members. “This vote will erase a tiny part of the injustice done to the Palestinian people,” Palestinian Authority Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki told the UNESCO congregation in Paris following the vote. However, the vote means that UNESCO may lose more than 20 per cent of its total funding, which it gets from the U.S., which has vocally opposed Palestinian membership in the UN. Israel has also spoken against the result, calling it a rejection of the bilateral peace process and saying that it will “bring no change on the ground.” Although the move is largely symbolic, it shows a significant level of international support for the recognition of a Palestinian state. The UN Security Council will vote on full Palestinian membership next month. In Monday’s vote, 107 countries, including rising powers like China, India and Brazil, supported the Palestinians’ full membership in UNESCO. Canada was among the 14 countries that voted against Palestinian membership. Fifty-two countries abstained.


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Palestinians win full UNESCO membership

  1. Kudos to the Palestinian Authority for seeking non-violent ways to resist the Israeli occupation. Today the PA is praised even by Israelis, and enjoys global support (as evidenced by this article). By contrast, Hamas is an isolated regime that no one likes.

    Obama was right “Violence is a dead end”. (If only he remembered his own words).

    • israeli occupation? you mean fake palestine occupation..
      palestines were wiped out of the map a few thousand years ago and non were left.
      So palestinians dont exist now dasy palestinians are fake junkies that got thrown out of all the other arab territories. poor fake palestinains lol starving them should be the right thing to do, as they might go and try their muslim brothers to help them and take them in their countries as fake refugees

  2. Legislation dating back more than 15 years stipulates a complete cutoff of American financing to any United Nations agency that accepts the Palestinians as a full member…so everyone was prepared for this.

  3.  Interesting ,US wants to starve them for doing the right thing, Great values ! Palestine issue will only be resolved when US looses its influence to China or other emerging nations.Politicians in the west do not have the balls and character to do the right thing. The future is bright , while China will be making computers, cars and a lot more , Western countries will be building Holocaust museums,’
    while Indians want there children to learn math,engineering and make new discoveries, People in the west will be making sure that there children remember the exact number and change of those victimized by Adolf Hitler. While people in Brazil will try and figure out how to deal with climate change, People in the west will be planning and plotting against Holocaust deniers , and how to hate and eliminate them. Western countries will cling to their cherished values mentioned above, Chinese will be laughing. when the west becomes Irrelevant,the Palestinians will have justice and piece. I like the denial though it will only precipitate the change that is inevitable. Learn to see the future , don’t live in the past!

    • That change is under way Trim11, right now the interest on US debt held by China finances 100% of it’s military spending, cool huh?

  4. The Canadian government voted against Palestine. No Canadians were ever asked. We need a refernedum in Canada on Canadian foregn Policy. Do we want to follow US Foreign policy or have an independent foreign policy?

  5. The Peace process began in 1992 with discussions that led to the Oslo Accords.  From that period- right through to the present-Israel has continued to build settlements on palestinian lands in contravention of international law.  Negotiations have not worked.  It is time to shun Israel and recognize a Palestinian state. 

  6. Of course Canada should support Israel, but it should not follow the US, like some puppet, in its ludicrous “every Israeli government is always right about everything” policy.

    Please, Canadians, let the Harper government know we want a sane and independent policy that we believe is in the interest of BOTH Israelis and Palestinians, and one that preserves Canada’s respect internationally, not dictated by Washington which is mainly concerned about THEIR OWN domestic politics.

  7. I see the poly sci students are out in force.

  8. Palestine and Israel both hold centuries old history and tradition in that area. Despite the USA attempting to paint everyone from the area with the same paintbrush except the Israelis, Palestinians have an equal claim.
    Nice to see honour and common sense prevailed despite the US attempts of manipulation and coercive duress.

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