Palin and the presidency? Not so fast.


It is becoming obvious that Sarah Palin is leaving the Alaska governorship in order to become the face of Republican politics. In that role, she will have to respond to Democratic initiatives with criticism and, hopefully, alternative policies. This will have her opposing healthcare reform, environmental policies designed to reduce carbon emissions, and any overtures aimed at jump-starting the peace process in the Middle East. She will fight for lower taxes, less government and a return to a strong national security policy. Sound familiar? It should.

Palin won’t stray from Republican orthodoxy because she has not closed the door to a presidential run in 2012. But just like her recent announcement about leaving her position as governor showed, there will also be plenty of surprises and improvisation in her quest for the GOP nomination. After all, when was the last time Palin acted in a conventional way? To many, this is what makes her so appealing. To most, however, it makes her an uncertain choice for 2012.

Palin will most likely continue to be the biggest draw in Republican politics, raising money for candidates in the mid terms of 2010, offering commentary on Fox News, penning a regular column pushing conservative positions, and going on a national tour to promote her upcoming book. All this will help her in the national polls and may generate legitimate enthusiasm for her prospective candidacy. It should make her a shoo-in for the nomination—but it won’t.

Put simply, Palin lacks the discipline, the concentration, the temperament, and the supporting cast for a long haul run at the presidency. She will master the basic GOP orthodoxy, but not much else. She will spend much of her time talking about herself, but this will soon be grating to voters. More stories will inevitably surface about how she is hypersensitive to criticism and more voters will begin doubting whether she is ready for the rigours of presidential politics. Finally,there will be no Karl Rove to help her focus on the big picture.

All this to say that, despite her efforts, Palin will not be the nominee in 2012.


Palin and the presidency? Not so fast.

  1. I like Palin and often defend her on these blogs, but I actually agree with this column.

    Barring an Obama meltdown, the GOP will ultimately nominate the least-exciting candidate possible, just as they did in '96, and the Dems did in '04.

    • I missed the earlier blog on Sarah. I disagree with Parisela. Obama=Carter=Bush the first=ONE TERM , baby.Sarah will be the first woman president ever . She will win in2012. Ban abortion , stop Iran's nukes ,defend Israel , cut taxes , less government and restore the economy to the growth years before Obama. Palin =Nirvana !!

      • The growth years before Obama?!? Are you insane?!?

        If there's problems with economic growth in the US, the person responsible clearly has the initials GWB.

  2. More stories will eventually surface…..

    About how much she pays for her clothes,
    Her daughter's uretal affairs,
    Receipts found in dumpsters, reporters have been going through to find whatever dirt they can,

    And other things far more revealing about today's media (and their correpsonding demise) than anything about Palin.

  3. Romney is the front-runner, if he chooses to run.

    • Wake up scf . Alaska is on the map because of Sarah . We need to get over the Obama class warfare and reclaim our country . The religious right must once agin take the lead . Karl Rove must make his comeback . Limbaugh and O'reilly must do to Obma what they did to Clinton . Palin is the ONE for 2012 or there will be a groundswell for her in 2016 . Let us start the ball rolling for Sarah for PRESIDENT !

      • you're quite freaky man…I wish you're alone

  4. She won't be the nominee, and I don't think she wants to be.

  5. If she is the nominee, it speaks volumes about the Republican party. Sarah Palin has star quality and she is hounded by the media – by both the left and the right – but she absolutely nothing to offer as a leader. She has no in depth knowledge of anything meaningful to the entire US (including energy) and she refuses to listen to the wisdom and advice of people who do know, she has no long term experience dealing with multi-facted, complex issues, and she has absolutely no ability to communicate. Worst of all, she's proud of her flaws and will lash out at anyone who dares point them out. If the Republicans actually allow her to claim the top spot, it will be the end of that party. If by some horrible twist of fate this woman actually gets elected, it will be the end of the country.

  6. She won't be the nominee, but she will certainly help in fundraising for her party and earn herself a bunch of money on the side.

  7. I don't think Palin will run for President in 2012 and, if she does, she will lose. I think/hope Palin has more of the long game in mind and is looking at 2016/20.

    And why all this focus on Palin, anyways, when there is lots to discuss about the Obama admin. Surely you can come up with some spin on how Biden is totally competent and no one should be worried that he's one heart beat away from the presidency when he says things like: "Now, people when I say that look at me and say, 'What are you talking about, Joe? You're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?' The answer is yes, that's what I'm telling you."

    Biden and his 'koans' should be made into books like they did with Bush.

    Or my favourite Obama verbal tic is when he says 'let me be clear' and then what comes out of his mouth next is clear as mud.

    I think all this focus on Palin/Repubs illustrates that Obama admin is not doing too well and Parisella can't bring himself to write about it.

    • " think all this focus on Palin/Repubs illustrates that Obama admin is not doing too well and Parisella can't bring himself to write about it."

      I think that's exactly right. At least his Palin piece is courteous though, unlike most opinion directed at her from the left.

    • "I think all this focus on Palin/Repubs illustrates that Obama admin is not doing too well and Parisella can't bring himself to write about it."

      I think that's exactly right. At least his Palin piece is courteous though, unlike most opinion directed at her from the left.

    • "I think all this focus on Palin/Repubs illustrates that Obama admin is not doing too well and Parisella can't bring himself to write about it."

      I think that's exactly right. At least his Palin piece is courteous though, unlike the screeds directed at her from most of the left.

    • Obama still has good numbers . He is doing well in national security matters . The economy is still sluggish but it is still too early after the mess he inherited .Leading on domestic issues like climate change . Prediction: he will get healthcare .
      The Palin stuff is really comic relief . if she were not good looking , no one would pay attention . Obama has done more the US image than 8 years of BUSH . So jolyon ang Gaunilon can fantasize all they want . Obama is a TWO termer . She is the new Quayle .
      The Republicans are just sick.

  8. If she gets the Republican or Democratic nomination it would be a first – look at the entire history of presidents in the US of A and you will note a pattern especially with the Republicans RE: whoever was second in the run up on term A goes on to beome the winner next time term B; ! eg: Romney will win the next one (smart money says so). as an after thought has anyone noticed how this lady drives democrats crazy I have never seen so much off the wall media coverage as I had with Sarah this last time .. tells a person there is something special here.

  9. I noticed that all the comments were pro Sarah. So I am offering a challenge to all readers of this misguided anti-Palin blog to join me and the responders in starting a "Palin for President "response . Alaskans wantPalin for all Americans . A return to conservative values and conservative government . Lower taxes , greater prosprity ,more freedom ,and a return to independant social values . Canadians are welcome to join and work for real change . Palin in 2012!

    • Are you sane ? Palin is a joke . Obama will make mincemeat of her . Rush and O'reilly are comedians , nothing more . We can do without what Alaska can do without.

  10. The Republicans' fortunes in 2012 will have very little to do with who they run, and will have much more to do with how Obama manages the economy. This, in my mind, is going to be the big issue in both the 2010 mid-terms and in 2012. If the economy is still sour in 2012, especially with deficits piling on with little movement, it could be a tough election for Obama. If the Republicans can produce someone with strong economic credientials and good ideas, they could probably get the 5% swing they need to reclaim the presidency. I don't think Sarah Palin is that person. Romney might be good enough, although it would probably do the Republicans some good to look for someone with some new ideas to invigorate the party. If they could find someone like Ron Paul except 15 years younger, maybe…

  11. Maybe no one of substance will want to fight Obama for a second term and they'll go with the crazy to mollify certain camps. But if they think they can win, they'll lock her down and only take the muzzle off for short prepared appearances.

  12. I think Palin needs some time but obama's numbers are dropping and she may look better as she is not dealing with the partisan attacks in Alaska .I think she is the most promising GOP candidate today and Republicans should not count out 2012.