Palin criticized over use of Canadian health care system -

Palin criticized over use of Canadian health care system

Critics slam right-wing icon for relying on Canadian system in her youth


On a recent trip to Calgary, her first visit to Canada, former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin admitted her family used the Canadian health care system while growing up in Alaska, sparking criticism from several quarters. “My first five years of life we spent in Skagway, Alaska, right there by Whitehorse,” Palin said during a speech, the National Post reports. “Believe it or not—this was in the ‘60s—we used to hustle on over the border for health care that we would receive in Whitehorse. I remember my brother, he burned his ankle in some little kid accident thing and my parents had to put him on a train and rush him over to Whitehorse and I think, isn’t that kind of ironic now. Zooming over the border, getting health care from Canada.” Given her past warnings about government role in health care, American commenters reacted sometimes virulently to the claim. On the Daily Kos website, a post called “Sarah ‘The Death Panel Queen’ Palin Went to Canada for Health Care,” called her “opportunistic” and “hypocritical.” Palin has previously called on Canada to dismantle its public health care system and suggested a move to nationalize the U.S. health care system would create “death panels” with the power to choose if Americans live or die.

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Palin criticized over use of Canadian health care system

  1. What else is news US citizens along the US Canada border got Canadian health cards and used it. The verification of residency was once so lax that as I remember that Ontario issued a health card in the name of a dog, I don't think that Palin used it when she was an adult most likely her family used it when she was a child

  2. All this proves is that some American journalists haven't done their homework. If they had, they would have learned that socialization of Canadian health care began in the 1970s.

  3. Simple facts:

    1. Whitehorse is the closest “large” town to Skagway
    2. Whitehorse is 125 km from Skagway. Anchorage is about 1,000km away.
    3. The Canada Health Act was adopted in 1976. In the 1960’s, health care in Canada was largely private, for-profit.

    The US socialists (a.k.a “liberals”, “progressives”, “critics”, “journalists”) love to ridicule Palin. But this time, they made an embarrassing error. As for you, Ms McLean’s, fact checking is not entirely bad; try it, you might like it.

  4. I am not sure where your information comes from but Tommy Douglas, the “father of medicare” brought is universal healthcare to Canada in 1967. Sarah Palin was born in 1964. Therefore, she was three years old when universal healthcare became a reality in Canada. It is highly unlikely she would have memories of attending Canada for healthcare prior to the age of three. Now, if her parents were honest about their citizenship, they would have paid cash for any care they got from a Canadian doctor or healthcare facility because as Americans they would have had to pay for their care.

    • This is where I am getting my information:

      As you can see, Yukon didn't start adopting portions of the Canada Health Act until 1972.

      You're writing only in metaphors: "brought is [sic] universal healthcare"; "became a reality".

      • I am sorry Mel from Eckville but The Canada Health Act and Medicare are two different things. The Canada Health Act, which was proposed and adopted MUCH LATER made it illegal to charge individual Canadians user fees. Medicare, started in Saskatchewan in the 1940’s, spread to Alberta in the 1950’s and was adopted by Canada under the joint Federal and Provincial cooperation of Lester Pierson, John Diefenbaker and Tommy Douglas in 1966.

        • Okay, since you didn't bother reading the link, I'll add a relative clause: Yukon didn't start adopting portions of the Canada Health Act relevant to Palin's criticisms of Canadian health care until 1972.
          New Brunswick creates medical insurance plan with federal cost sharing, January 1.
          Northwest Territories creates medical insurance plan with federal cost sharing, April 1.
          Yukon creates medical insurance plans with federal cost sharing, April 1.

          The context of Palin's comments – and I do not support her and think she is a terrible candidate for any elected office – clearly indicate an opposition to these measures adopted in the 1970s.

  5. a lot of americans view canada as it's little brother's not too suprising that she would get some health care here…if she travelled to mexixo that would be a different story….but also because it would be quite a drive