Panel investigating judge's nude photos resigns, inquiry back at square one -

Panel investigating judge’s nude photos resigns, inquiry back at square one


WINNIPEG – A panel investigating a Manitoba judge over nude photos has resigned en masse, potentially putting the investigation back at square one.

A committee of the Canadian Judicial Council, including three chief justices, says the resignations are the best way to have the stalled inquiry proceed.

The committee has been examining Manitoba Queen’s Bench Justice Lori Douglas, who faced a complaint in 2010 that she had sexually harassed a man named Alex Chapman.

Chapman alleged that Douglas’s husband had shown him sexually explicit photos of the judge and had posted the pictures online.

The judicial council hearings soon became bogged down as Douglas’s lawyer alleged the committee hearing the matter appeared to be biased against her client.

Now that the panel has resigned, it’s up the judicial council to appoint a new committee and either resume or restart the hearing.

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Panel investigating judge’s nude photos resigns, inquiry back at square one

  1. There must be something missing from this story.

    Chapman is saying the Judge sexually harassed him because her husband showed him photos and then put them on the internet? That makes absolutely no sense.

    Even if we ignore the entire bit about sexual harassment has to do with posting photos of someone else on the internet, if we ignore the bit about how being shown pictures, while it might be offensive, can hardly be deemed as harassment unless it was some sort of repeated exposure, we’re still left with the bit of Chapman accusing the wife of doing something that her husband did.

    Can you guys maybe check your Canadian Press feed stories just a little bit before deciding to put them up? I mean, just really basic crap like seeing if they make any sense whatsoever?

  2. Would the new anti-cyber bullying regs that MacKay unveiled with great fanfare today apply to these pictures?

    • I suspect the learned judge is over 18. Besides, the new law is just smoke and mirrors for the base, they love them laws.

      • True, does that mean that the Conservatives only believe that bullying occurs to those under 18?