Paris baby survives fall from 7th-floor flat

Bounces off awning into the arms of a passerby


A 15-month-old baby girl survived a seven story fall after she bounced off an awning into the arms of a man in Paris. The tot had been playing unsupervised with her older sister when she fell out of the window. “He must have played rugby for years to have developed reflexes like that,” a bystander reported the daily paper, Le Parisien. The baby was lucky: normally the cafe owner closes the awning because people throw their cigarette butts on it. The baby girl in the hospital, but is virtually unscratched.


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Paris baby survives fall from 7th-floor flat

  1. I watched TVA last eve. From what I understand it was a Dr. who was passing under the awning that managed to save her. Also, the awning normally would have been up, but due to a malfunction it wasn't – thankfully.

  2. What a wonderful story. The Lord really had his hands on this child. Thanks for taking a stroll when you did.

    • Now that is so true! Lord has a plan for each and everyone of us!

      • thank you for the post guest. you are right. I only wish many others in this world could know this.

        • Wow, Really!

          You people attribute this to God looking out for the baby. If that was the case, why didn't God just prevent the fall from happening. Or why wouldn't God be preventing the valcano from erupting instead.

          Don't get me wrong, this is a great story and a really lucky baby, but it has absolutely nothing to do with God.

          • your going to hell thats where the devil creates bad stuff and god stops it if its meant

          • I totally agree Will. People love to credit such things to God without thinking about all the innocent children that die every day from neglect, abuse, starvation, or worse. Odds are that every once in awhile a kid that is headed for death gets lucky, God has nothing to do with it.

            If your going to blame God every time something good happens, then be prepared to blame him every time something bad happens as well!

  3. Wow thats unbelievable but god bless the kid, Would have been so sad to hear a baby died cuzz of being unsupervied, cant imagine that for my little sis, to go through that kind of death so young, and how hard that will effect the family… =( So happy that it was prevented,

  4. Amazing! I am so glad the tot is alright!

  5. Wow, God was watching out for her….hopefully that family will have a better watch on their children in the future……scary stuff.

  6. I'm happy this child wasn't hurt or killed also, but God? Really? So God to saves this child but abandons thousands of others to die or suffer horribly? I don't think so. Nor does the "Mysterious Ways" argument work. Let's just accept the good luck and be happy for it.

    Agnostic Realist

    • The child was lucky yes

      But you are an idiot, who seems to enjoy pissing on someones faith in god. Maybe you should go fall out a window and hope to "God" the awning is out to catch you, but then again I dont think god would waste the time on you!

      A irritated athiest

    • I agree. I am a spiritual person, not an agnostic. But I thought the same thing you did before I ever read your comment. How do we say God was watching over this one child yet so many others die in unimaginal ways. Are they not all worth being protected?

      • It's not that God doesnt watch over them. But when it is someones time to go then there is nothing no one can do!!

        • So, what you're saying is that God isn't all powerful after all. Or is it that he's not all knowing? I mean, if he's all powerful and all-knowing but chooses not to avert tragic events then he would need to be the worst sort of sick sadistic sociopath.

    • Wow you’re a real winner…

    • God works in YOUR life daily! And His grace on your free will allows you to think what ever you would like, without Him withholding His mercy from you.

    • Agnostic Realist, First and for most everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I do Believe God was watching over that child. That man was suppose to save her. There are things that happen in life that are suppose to happen no matter how young or old you are. God gave us the ability to make or own choices in life. Unfortunately there are so many people who have made their choices in life that effects the children. As sad as it is. Good luck yeah could be, I like you have my beliefs and I do I believe that we all would not be here if it weren't for God. Just think back in your life were something happened and everyone thought you wouldn't survive.

    • that's a very bitter distastful comment. May GOD have mercy on you!

  7. What kind of moran leaves their child to play that high up!!!

    • The kind too busy to be bothered with there children, but sure enough they would cry and moan if she had died and then do the typical they just dont understand why crap. People you have the kids be a parent and watch them!

    • It wasn't a matter of leaving the child up high. It was the matter of an adult not being in the room the children were playing in.

  8. Ah, lets see who she turns out to be in 25 years.

  9. Ok fruity time,

    "it is written"… yeah, written by men, the drugs must have been mystical back then to come up with the crap that is in the bible

    "do you think you just popped into existence, or that the earth did to??" yep, its called reproduction and the big bang. BOOM! I bet evolution really gets you pissed huh? Stupid monkey.

    "when you see a new home built.." oh yeah, I totally see that God did that! Thanks God!! Thanks for the new house! Hey look, God just built me a new house!!!!!! If I go home tonight and there is a new home sitting there, Im a believer!!! AMEN!!! WTF is wrong with you?

    You're a moron.

    • It's written in our hearts, your the idiot.

    • You have a bad mouth!

      • While it may be perfectly natural in your eyes to credit God with this, imagine how you would feel if someone posted this:

        "Thank heavens for the protective circle my coven placed on this child last week. I live next door and am always worried that her neglective parents would allow something bad to happen to her. We saved her!"

        You would have been just as offended as people were to those here than credited God.

        If you don't want people to bash what you say, try leaving your religious views out of it.

    • Guest….God was a carpenter. I think. And when my house popped into existance, I am pissed….out of square window frames, doors poorly hung, exterior columns not squared with the house properly. See what happens when houses "pop" into existance. : )

    • You might not think there is a God, which is fine, but do know we all have a soul. The earth might have 'popped' into existence but we certainly didn't. Ask anyone who's had a home haunted by a deceased spirit. Again you might be skeptical of those things too but my childhood home had a spirit there and the experiences made me a true believer of there being something more to us than we can ever know. That coupled with my deceased brother contacting our family last year and relaying info only he would know helped the rest of the family live a life of forgiveness. It showed us you never know where you're going after this life. I only hope people experience things in their life that help them to live as better people. This Mom hopefully learned a lesson, and so are the people reading this article, about keeping a better watch on your children, thus being a better parent- things do happen for a reason even if we don't believe them.

  10. whether you believe it or not God created you and I. There is no need to insult each other. We are all on this earth together and should be supportive of each other. I personally believe in God but I do not bully you into my bliefs nor should you bully anyone in any of your opinions. God said offer up forgiveness and tell them of me and my son. He also said if they choose not to believe than brush off your sandals and travel to the next town. We have done all we can by telling the world about Jesus dying for all of our sins. God gave us free will and he wants us to use it whether we believe in him or not. No matter what we believe, let us all love and treat each other with respect. Thank God for saving that blessed child.


    • thanks Sara :)

  12. AMEN

  13. WOW!!! can't beleive what i'm reading here. Can't we all just be happy the little girl did not die instead of knocking down GOD.. What a bunch of LOSERS..

    • We are all very happy that this man was there to catch her, and she is safe. The man deserves a medal! It is the people who have to throw in their own religious beliefs (with an undertone of "proof" their way is right) who cause the arguments.

  14. I am happy that she is alive. What a story she will tell her children and Grands.

  15. There is no god. The argument that god saved the child is laughable. If there is a god, why didn't he/she/it prevent the child from falling in the first place? If there is a god, why doesn't he/she/it do something to prevent the genocide in Africa. Only total morons believe in the bible crap and all the jesus bullsh_t. Please spare me. Religion is for mentally handicapped fools. The vast majority of NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS and the world's intellectual elite understand that god is just a figment of the imagination of people with a mental disorder. God does not exist – the same way the tooth fairy and the flying spaghetti monster do not exist. Grow up people. This is the 21st century. Bible thumpers have the mental capacity of neanderthals, who understood nothing about the world.

    • @joeblowhard, you truly have to be the stupidest person on earth to have such an unmitigated vacuous thought-process like that. Only total neanderthals DON'T believe in the Creator or the bible, but wait, I forgot that you in your cosmic omnipotence and divine essence created all that is and yet you continue to live here as a mortal probably in your parents basement as a 40 year-old glued to your computer that YOU didn't create and probably even less understand; but I digress, as selfish and self-centered as you atheists/ agnostics are wont to be, this story isn't about you but about a child that was miraculously saved from certain death by Divine Providence (see: GOD)

    • Joe, you obviously do not respect other's opinions, so why should we respect yours? We can say the same thing about your beliefs. I happen to be religious, and I can see what you are trying to say, but please do not bring others beliefs down just cause you don't believe in them. This child was saved, and whether or not we want to believe it was God's doing is up to us, but please have respect towards each other. Bickering doesn't get us anywhere with God, and it makes us look foolish.

    • You might not think there is a God, which is fine, but do know we all have a soul. The earth might have 'popped' into existence but we certainly didn't. Ask anyone who's had a home haunted by a deceased spirit. Again you might be skeptical of those things too but my childhood home had a spirit there and the experiences made me a true believer of there being something more to us than we can ever know. That coupled with my deceased brother contacting our family last year and relaying info only he would know helped the rest of the family live a life of forgiveness. It showed us you never know where you're going after this life. I only hope people experience things in their life that help them to live as better people.

    • I really feel sorry for you. Even though I don't know you I'm still going to pray for you. It's obvious that you need God in your life. If there was no God, how were you created and how in the world did you wake up this morning. It wasn't by an alarm clock or your own free will because you don't have the power to do such things. Your thinking is flawed and I really hope you find God before it's too late.

    • You are pure EVIL

    • Joe , I just want to make one thing clear …even though I believe you are pure evil…the funny thing is, is that God still loves you even though you believe He doesnt exist . What will happen is unfortunately you will have to find out the hard way and who knows maybe God already gave you all the chances he was gonna give you. If thats true your eternity will be spent in the Lake of Fire. Have you thought about where you were going when you die?? cause there is no place called limbo and you cant choose to roam the earth…its heaven or hell.

  16. Why were they unsupervised?

    • i know, right ,who would leave their child upsuprvised by a window.To me the older sister ,probably pushed the baby out of the window because she was jealous of her . we may never no what really did go down that day.

  17. Unsupervised? Maybe, maybe not. Anyone with kids knows that they are not in your line of sight at all times. Mom could have been taking a potty break. Dad might have been making dinner. My point is that they were in their own home doing their everyday things when the norm became the potentially worst day of their lives. I am very sure that they are counting their blessings that their child is well. And of course are adding safe guards to all the windows of their home! When you know better, you do better. Take a step back and don't hate!

  18. Oh my….how did these posting turn around about our personal beliefs?….It is about the child and the man who caught her. That he just so happened to be a doctor. 1. If someone say's "thank God"…let them say it 2. If some one does not believe the same as you…"oh well". 3. being a nice person and paying it forward has NOTHING to do with who you do or don't have faith in.

  19. the great thing about being American is the right to your opinion reguardless of what a DUMB ASS it makes you look like i am by no means a religous freak but after living through cancer I do believe there is a god hopefully you will never need to find out if you are right or wrong

  20. What about the children that are starving? Why would God help you through your cancer and not help the children? I dont believe that God has that kind of control. To think that God only helps certain people well that doesn't seem like a very nice God.

  21. Luckily you all have the freedom to believe whatever you wish to. However, why you want to disrespect another person's right to believe is a question you should ask yourself. People who embrace religion see it as a blessing in their lives. It helps them deal with difficulties that arise. If you chose to attribute "luck", good or bad to something else, that is your business. I am sure you do not want the rest of us telling you that you are wrong in your sentiments.