Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page gets Diamond Jubilee medal from Liberal senator


A Liberal senator has awarded Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page with a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his “his dogged and courageous pursuit of information on behalf of all Canadians.”

According to a report from Postmedia, Senator Colin Kenny nominated Page for the award.

Since he was appointed in 2008 Page has been, at times, a vocal opponent of Stephen Harper and the Conservative government.

He has spoken up against secrecy in the government and, in early November, said he wouldn’t be issuing a mid-year report on government finances because a number of departments failed to co-operate with him. He also looked into suing the government to force it to hand over the needed information.

Each MP and senator received 30 medals to hand out as they saw fit. This, however, lead to some questionable choices, including Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott’s decision to hand out medals to two anti-abortion activists, one of whom was in jail at the time her medal was awarded.

In a statement at the time, Vellacott likened the two women to civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

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Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page gets Diamond Jubilee medal from Liberal senator

  1. He should get a chestful of them….and an Order of Canada to boot.

    • He should be knighted.

      • I’d go for that. He’s one of the few left in Ottawa doing his job, and doing it in the face of tremendous opposition and attacks by the very people that appointed him. Him we need, Flaherty tells fairy tales.

  2. I think it would have been better if he had not been nominated. Like everything they touch, the CPC has managed to cheapen these medals into just another form of partisan mudslinging. Having Page nominated by a Liberal (or a LIEBERAL) plays right into the narrative and the worldview that the CPC prefers; “Everyone is a partisan, no-one is honest, no-one criticizes or debates from an honest footing.”

    Let’s thank Page, and respect him, for doing an honest job in difficult circumstances. Let’s not claim him as a fellow traveller or a team-mate. He’s not a partisan for any side and it’s disrespectful, IMO, for any partisan to try to claim him as “one of ours.”

  3. Kevin Page is just another in a long line of Liberal lickspittles.

    Watch for Page to run as a Liberal MP candidate after his contract as PBO ends.

  4. He only brings up Harper and his criminal cabals wrongdoings. Don’t do the crimes of treason, sedition and theft, Harper, if You do not want to do the time

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