Parties strike deal on Afghan docs

One MP and one alternate from each party will form small committee


The government and opposition have come to an agreement: a small, all-party committee sworn to secrecy will convene to review the sensitive Afghan detainee document. The committee of one MP and one alternate from each party will go through the documents with the assistance of bureaucrats who can explain national security implications.

Canadian Press

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Parties strike deal on Afghan docs

  1. And a win for Harper

  2. Wimps and cowards.

    The only reason Harper still swaggers and sneers at us all is that we have no effective parliamentary opposition at all. None. What a betrayal.

  3. It ia about time that the parties got together and came up with a solution instead of fighting and throwing garbage at each other. Maybe parliament will actually get to work and do something constructive for Canadians for once. We sent them to Ottawa and pay them well in order for them to work for Canadians and not just for their politica suvivor.

  4. @jimbo: it should not be seen as a sign of cooperation, but an endrun around how parliament is well-defined in the constitution. what has occurred increases complication, censorship and deception. but i like it, its an example of why
    there has YET to be a democracy upon planet Earth. harper like other moronic politicians are helpful in providing
    wake up calls for canadians..

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