Passive smoking causes 600,000 deaths a year -

Passive smoking causes 600,000 deaths a year

One-third of those killed are children


According to the World Health Organization, passive smoking causes 600,000 deaths each year—one-third of them among children, who are often exposed to smoke at home. The WHO study looked at 192 countries, and found that passive smoking is especially bad for children, putting them at higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome, pneumonia and asthma, Reuters reports. It also causes heart disease, respiratory illness and lung cancer. The lungs of kids who breathe in secondhand smoke might also develop more slowly than those of kids who grow up in smoke-free homes.

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Passive smoking causes 600,000 deaths a year

  1. If they're going to make up stuff, they should pick nice round numbers like one million, that's more marketable.

    • lol, You got that right, but it brings in the money to make living easier for these World groups. Wonder what the W.H.O liquor bill is we pay?

  2. Still smoking in 2010 is beyond belief ! It is an addiction worst than heroin.

    • You think so eh? Can you do an experiment and post your results?

      • No room under the bridge last night liminator ?

      • Study on people seeking treatment for drug addictions: 57% report that it would be more difficult to quit smoking as opposed to the substance they were seeking treatment for. Journal of the American Medical Association

  3. Smoking is bad, but how can it be directly related to smoking? I have lived in South American cities where you could actually see the pollution haze rise in the early morning. We use so many plastics and chemicals in our everyday lives that break down and stay in our system, how can one thing be directly related to smoking?

    • The same way that smoking causes x amount of increased health care costs. They never look at the savings aspect of dying younger, and like my former husband those who drop dead suddenly with no health-care-costing warning. We saved a HUGE amount on him.

      • Perhaps but not all health districts see such uh radical savings. Some children will have what seems like chronic colds and infections that tend to disappear when away from smoking environments. That some people are rude enough not to die suddenly and gasp, live several painful years before lung or heart failure due to cancer or scared lungs. Completely wiping out on the savings of their old age pension.
        Smoking isn't isolated to the smoker. Funny, petrol exhaust with similar chronic dosage might create the same results.

  4. Why worry about smoking when we are still cleaning up the bodies from the WHO predicted H1N1 pandemic? It will probably take a few more weeks to bury the tens of millions of bodies. Oh, wait a sec, it never happened! I'd lke to see the peer reviewed data for this whopper.

    • Let me guess you fell into a coma in 1983 and are now just waking up. To the smoking thing.
      The H1N1 was a credibility killer for P.R. but it did give the news cycle something to blow out of proportion until the next disaster.

    • They posted a link to the peer-reviewed data.

      You'll have to create a membership to view it though (I have one but it won't be available to me until next month).