Patriquin and Gohier admit they were wrong about Quebec and the NDP -

Patriquin and Gohier admit they were wrong about Quebec and the NDP

Why they were surprised and what it means


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Patriquin and Gohier admit they were wrong about Quebec and the NDP

  1. Thanks for this, both of you.  I was sort of hoping you’d opine a bit on the status of separatism in Quebec.  Was the twenty year run of the BQ really just a petulant means of ensuring Quebec’s strength in the federation (and we can simply see the NDP as holding the same place, more or less), or is this something of an historic seachange?  Is separatism on the wane now, or was it really dying already?  Or are Quebecers simply too complex in their voting behaviour and motivations to easily explain.  (I want to say schizophrenic in place of complex, but that’s poor form nowadays…)

    Please keep doing these – I’ve long enjoyed and learned from both of your insights.

    • Thanks for the kind words. And good idea for a topic. We’ll probably be doing these on semi-regular basis (semi-regular being my preferred pace for just about everything), so we’ll try to touch on that this week.

      There’s a new Léger poll out that’s got support for sovereignty at about 40 per cent. I’ll blog about it later, but here’s a link in the meantime (the document’s in French):

    • This is the kind of comments that Orangists made in England and that kept Ireland divided in ignorance. Quebec voters will vote for who ever they think are the right candidats and do not need lessons from Ontario or  to be labelled separatists because we don’t think like the uni-anglos in Ontario. If in fact one needs to look for functional and petulant separatists and schizophrenia in this country ensuring one’s strenght over the rest of Canada since Confederation, look no further, they were all in Orangist Upper Canada now known as Ontario while Québec and the rest of the provinces were getting civil about bilingualism and being different. As Tommy Douglas would say Mice should never vote for Cats because Cats like to make nice in order to eat Mice.

  2. So is Mr Coyne going to give the boys over at The Mace a job? ;D

  3. Like most pretend pundits, they gravitate around power or pseudo power and end up missing the point of what freedom really is. In Québec, we don’t care what pundits, dinosaur politicians or the Media  think nor what the rest of Canada does at the poll, which up to date has been voting for the dinosaur Liberal or Conservative parties and end up supporting what we call LA PENSÉE UNIQUE which is prevalent in Ontario and most provinces that gravitate around  NO CHANGE. Seeing traditional labor support in Manitoba, Saskachewan (the home of Tommy Douglas) and BC going dinosaur Conservative is quite an amazing phenomena to watch with a straight face. As for the traditional learnt helplessness in the Maritimes that keeps the middle class voting for the parties that exploit and oppress  them economically,  seems bordering on some kind of pathology or addiction to abuse.  What our pretend pundits need seriously ask is why Ontario and Alberta have no idea on how to change their one track minds and blame the rest of the country and Québec for their own misgivings of voting always safe or voting for their pockets ranting economic limericks ad nauseam that support one of the big wopper lies of the planet, monetary scarcity while the rich and famous are packing away the profits while preaching austerity to the middle class and buckling of one’s belt.  What a belief system! To paraphrase Tommy Douglas, if Mice keep voting for Cats and expect change, they ain’t going to get it, Cats like to corral Mice as to eat them one after the other while explaining to the Mice that it is for their own good. Québec is a loud and proud labor province that has no use for corporatists and their one track mind belief system which blindly adores their god, the invisible hand of the market that abuses the citizens of Canada and the world. So pundits, pun on that for awhile!

  4. “Why they were surprised and what it means”

    My opinion: that Patriquin and Gohier have all the understanding of Quebec society that expat enclaves have of their host countries, all over the world: The natives are always restless and fickle, except when they’re reactionnary and backward.