Paul Martin's British fan club -

Paul Martin’s British fan club

A prophet in the new age of deficits


The Brits are touting Paul Martin, Canada’s deficit-defeating 1983-2002 finance minister, as the man to listen to as their politicians wonder what to do about the new wave of red ink. But Martin rejects the notion that his brand of fiscal austerity fits best with the Tory outlook. He urges a mix of spending toughness and smart investment in education and research—without driving public services to “the lowest common denominator.” Ideologically, he positions himself, for the benefit of UK readers only hazily familiar with Canadian politics, as about the same as a mainstream American Democrat.

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Paul Martin’s British fan club

  1. Having lived in Canada through Paul Martin's terms as finance minister when he had to balance the budget, and now living in the US for five years, I think we can take away from this that Paul Martin does not know where mainstream American Democrats sit in the political spectrum. Martin would be in the far liberal camp of the American Democrats.

    • one would have to say the Republicans abandoned fiscal conservativism for social conservatism……regarding Martin, he was obviously a fiscal conservative yet when he ran for PM the ads downplayed this but instead painted him as somewhat of an NDP ….if he would have sticked with his reputation as a fiscal conservative i would have voted for him ..not to mention many other canadians

  2. I should add, with a fiscally conservative bent missing from both Democrats and Republicans