Paul McCartney: The PQ's Yoko Ono -

Paul McCartney: The PQ’s Yoko Ono

Officials in Quebec City are expecting as many as 250,000 people to check out Paul McCartney’s free show for the city’s 400th. It’s probably safe to say Pierre Curzi won’t be among them.

The PQ’s cultural affairs critic is a little miffed about Sir Paul coming over from England to bang out some tunes on the Plains of Abraham. Curzi says McCartney’s show exemplifies the “Canadianization of the 400th” and calls it a “political gesture that tarnishes his presence.” (A good chunk of purzédurs sovereignists evidently feel the same way.)

PQ leader Pauline Marois, however, isn’t on board with Curzi. Like most middle-aged women, Marois still has a soft spot for the “cute Beatle”, so much so she says she would’ve gone to the show had she been in town. And in case Curzi and co. didn’t get the message, Marois also said that, upon the successful creation of an independant Quebec state, “Love Me Do” would be adopted as its national anthem. (Okay, I made that last part up.)

The one thing I can’t quite wrap my head around, though, is how come Van Halen got a free pass from all this stuff about the Elvis-Gratton-ization of Quebec? Is it because of the undeniable awesomeness of “Panama”? Or the the hilarity that followed the leak of Diamond Dave’s vocal track from Runnin’ with the Devil”?

Seriously, I’d love to figure this out.

UPDATE: Paul McCartney has advised “Quebeckians” to “smoke the pipes of peace.” Unfortunately, Macca didn’t offer to share from his personal stash, which appears to pack quite the punch.


Paul McCartney: The PQ’s Yoko Ono

  1. I wonder if David will be doing any of his famous jumping as you’d think his prostrate would be too big for spandex at his age. I have to admit though that I still like the tune ‘ Wanted Dead or Alive ‘ it just works for me.

  2. Poor Sir Paul, what is it with him and Canada? First Danny WIlliams and the seals and now this.

    If le 400e de Québec was really being Candianized then it would be a show featuring Great Big Sea, The Hip, NickelBack and maybe Shania Twain and Simple Plan as a nod to a Québec band.

    BTW Wayne, as with so many other things you don’t get right on the various Comment sections, Wanted Dead or Alive is by Bon Jovi.

  3. After McCartney’s ill informed venture into protesting our seal hunt, with that paragon of reason his ex-wife Heather Mills, why would we invite him back (and no doubt pay his hefty performance fee)? That’s my question, which no journalist seems to be asking.

    Paul’s comments on Quebec radio pretty much confirm he knows as little about Canadian politics as he does about seals.

  4. The insane bigotry of the PQ / nationalists, to regard Paul McCartney first and foremost as a maudit anglais! Have they been asleep for the last forty years? Oh, don’t answer that.

  5. Whose Paul McCarthy and why does he want to flight for free on the Planes of Obama?

    Signed, a Canadian high school student

  6. You’re right Clarence I it’s bon jovi – I got them mixed up must be an alzheimars moment although I must admit when I make mistake I make one though when I point out others mistakes I tend not to insult them. Have a good day. Oh! I almost forgot Bon Jov Roth aren’t they like clones or something – Van Halen excellent guitar I like his tapping –

  7. Wayne, no insult was intented (only a slight, teasing jab) but if umbrage was taken then I wholeheartedly apologize.

  8. No problems Clarence – I am in bad mood this morning as I tried upping some bandwidth for a video conference and I bought the whole network down – so a few high level bureaucrats are p*ssed off at me this am – but back to Edd ie Van Halen his guitar tapping (where you strike string with finger on left hand and then with finger on right hand is a very cool technique … I need to get the CD by BON JOVI with Wanted maybe that’s why last time I went looking I couldn’t find it DOH ! pass the timbits.

  9. if they really wanted to insult french nationalists, they could put together a bunch of totally anglo Montreal bands, like Stars and the Unicorns…

  10. @Mike T.: I was actually having that conversation with my fiancée the other night — how, rather than drudging up tired nostalgia acts, they could have organized a show with some of the more interesting bands coming out of the province, like Malajube, Wolf Parade, Plants and Animals, etc. I think it really could’ve worked and, as a bonus, inviting the Montrealers they worry about so much might have been a step towards putting Quebec City’s silly rivalry with the métropole to rest. Hell, they probably could’ve convinced Guy A. Lepage to emcee the thing.

  11. Hey, don’t get your knickers in a knot! Having someone like Paul McCartney do a free concert is just fabulous. He also did a free concert in Kiev recently, so be thankful that he has even considered coming to Canada to do this. Set aside all political outlooks and just enjoy the music! He puts on a real good show.

  12. To Myra C,

    I’m an anglophone who has lived in Quebec City for over 23 years. Even my neighbours tell me I qualify as a “pure laine” quebecois. This is a beautiful city and to have Macca coming to play just down the street from me is a treat. The big crowd doesn’t entice me, however. I think I’ll just listen from my roof-top terasse.

    And no pequistes here complained when Charles Aznavour came to perform on the “Plaines”. After all, it was the French monarchy which wrote its colony off as merely, “Quelques arpents de neige”. Cheers

  13. Ah, Phil, you little Gen X dreamer, you. Quebec is a city of aging baby boomer bureaucrats, and you want to entertain them with Wolf Parade? Pshaw. C’est tellement cute, ton affaire.

  14. I’m amazed how a place that is that delicate and self absorbed ever made it to 400 years old !
    Someone asked why Van Halen was able to play without the flak Sir Paul has gotten; easy. Van Halen is American. Sir Paul speaks the Queen’s English with the Queen’s accent.
    Quebec loves Americans but English Brits and English Canadians are seen as a threat.

  15. Come on Scott, whoever you are,surely you must know that it is only the P.Q. and the separatists who are complaining over McCartney’s concert !!

  16. scott,scott,scott!

    I’m a francophone married to a “maudit anglais” and I can assure you that today’s ‘French Nationalists’ have absolutaly NO IDEA what exactly they’re fighting for ?

    Some claim, they want to separate from Canada and have absolutaly nothing against the British nor the Americans(this is the most recent ~ as recent as Saturday…); others claim, they don’t want to be eaten up by the American influence; others claim, the french language SHOULD BE the main language throughout Canada etc…
    Some are against everything that has any ENGLISH TONES wether it be: Canadians, Americans and/or British…

    Frankly, I think that at this point in time, ‘our french nationalists’ are so desparate for attention, that they’ll say absolutaly anything (any stupidities) just to keep the subject (Qc french nationalism) on the front burner.

    Let’s put it this way, Curzi (the one who started this whole thing), hasn’t had enough time in politics, to enable him to a “good pension” … therefore, he needs a little more time to secure a real good pension! ;-0)

    For the past 20 years or so, the whole francophone political scene has been FEEDING an ideology of “hate” to its citizens and for the past few years, some people (francophones), took it upon themselves (blogs and forums etc…), to WAKE people up! I think it’s working! Many of them eels, seem to have gone back under their rocks however, I think people still have to stay alert AGAINST the extreme “Nationalist” venom here in QC.

    P.S.: IMO, MOST francophones here DON’T want separation; they just want people to respect THE FACT that the majority here are francophones and therefore, MORE EFFORTS should be made by Companies and individuals, to learn and speak french mostly in the work place…

  17. @Lorraine: First: “For the past 20 years or so, the whole francophone political scene has been FEEDING an ideology of “hate” to its citizens”? Really?

    Somehow, I’ve missed this massive orgy of hate that’s been going on all around me—and in my mother tongue to boot. Then again, I am easily distracted.

    And second: Pierre Curzi as a spewer of “extreme nationalist venom”? I wonder how you’d describe Le Pen.

    I think a bit of perspective is in order here. 200,000 people showed up to the McCartney show, which, at least on the surface, seems to indicate that Quebec as a whole doesn’t have much of a problem with the English. And if a few people want to make the point there’s something odd about celebrating the founding of your city in someone else’s language, I don’t think that makes them frothing-at-the-mouth racists.

  18. Uhmm . . . Wasn’t Québec City the capital of all pre-confederation Canada, not just the French-speaking parts, for brief periods in the 19th century?

    Actually, I found Québec City to be relatively Anglo-friendly this summer. Admittedly, I was mostly in the touristy areas, but I didn’t get the don’t-you-dare-speak-French-to-me-if-you’re-born-outside-of Québec attitude I’ve frequently encountered in Montréal.

  19. Well Philippe if constantly hammering CONTEMPT towards “English Canada”, contempt against the British for PAST history, contempt towards french-canadians etc… is not a demonstration of hate what is?

    As far as Le Pen, to my knowledge, HE DOESN’T LIVE HERE IN CANADA and quite frankly, France can deal with its own!

    But let’s put it this way, MOST FRANCOPHONES here in Quebec, HAVE HAD IT with the separatists and their everlasting WHIIIIIINING on how badly treated the french were by the British… But of course today, the separatists are realizing their lost of support so, the tunes are changing a little TO BETTER FIT THE MOOD! I looooooove politicians!… lollol

    But you’re right, more than 200,000 people (not just francophones) showed up on the Plaines to appreciate A VERY TALENTED INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN not just musician, entertainer, singer, ex-Beatle but, also a talented musical composer … and YES his maternal language is English! How sad can that be!

    For your info my dear, what is being CELEBRATED HERE IS: the ANNIVERSATY (400 th) of the oldest City called Quebec NOT A LANGUAGE sir! Sorry!

    Now, weather you like it or not, since the separatists APPROPRIATE themselves as: the only REAL defenders of French Québec… So YES, it does show all French Québécois as being intolerant, petty, ignorant etc…

    Now tell me sir, why is it that francophones in Quebec always have to JUSTIFY their existence, the air that they breath, to the Quebec’s Nationalists ?