Pauline Marois: the attempt on my life was politically motivated -

Pauline Marois: the attempt on my life was politically motivated

Premier voices a theory about election night shooting


Quebec Premier Pauline Marois will be on Tout le monde en parle on Sunday night.

In the Radio-Canada teaser here, she says the attempt on her life by Richard Bain, the man who showed up at Metropolis on election night with guns and a host of psychological disorders, was politically motivated.

The person could well have grave psychological problems, but it remains that when he did what he did it was against a sovereignist, and demonstrating his fear he felt for the Anglophone community.

Incidentally or not, it’s not the first time a guest on Quebec’s top-rated talk show has openly mused about Bain’s intentions and state of mind. Last week, Mathieu Farhoud-Dionne, better known as Chafiik from the nationalist/sovereignist band Loco Locass, questioned why English Montreal radio station CJAD chose to broadcast an interview with Bain in the weeks following the assassination attempt. He said this:

Why did CJAD interview him a few weeks later? That was very, very weird. You have to ask is he crazy or not crazy? I don’t know.

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Pauline Marois: the attempt on my life was politically motivated

  1. Of course it was political. If Bane is not a terrorist then the FLQ wasn’t.

    • I have no idea whether Bane acted on his own or if he part of a cell of terrorists. It sure was political. He could still be crazy and acting on his own.

    • Bane was clearly a terrorist and would have remained so unless he had been able to get international recognition of gotham as an independent city-state. Luckily the batman and friends put a stop to his shenanigans.

    • I think the definition of terrorist is loose enough that anyone who uses violence to influence general society can be called one. It’s “belonging to a terrorist organisation” that has legal implications.

      Overall, I’d rather be attacked by a crazy person than a sane one. Imagine if Madame Marois had been attacked by someone who was coherent and organised.

  2. My two thoughts:
    1. Of course it was political, it’s certainly not a coincidence where and when it happened. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t crazy. The two things are not mutually exclusive.
    2. Why not interview him? It’s news. Criminals and interviews are not mutually exclusive.

  3. It looks like MacLeans wants to report this news the usual way , bashing around, but they are keeping a petite gêne seen the seriousness of the incident and leave it to people to show their usual hatred towards the province of Québec and it,s french occupants. Keep the fire going MacLeans…Good Show.