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I am a fat man perched on a rock, the soul God gave me is not much good for anything. Still, I raise my arms towards the sunlight, hold them there for a long moment. Claire leaps up and down, she cries and laughs, she makes whooping noises, embraces me, shakes her fists gleefully in the air.

I lower my arms with all the grace and dignity I can muster.

The whales begin to sing.

— Paul Quarrington, Whale Music

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  1. Had no idea Whale Music was also a novel, just thought it was decent Rheostatics album.

    Speaking of beavers, Penthouse says Whale Music is the greatest rock n roll novel ever written. Does anyone have thoughts about that claim? Anyways, I will have to read the book myself and see if it's that good or not.

    Ave et vale.

  2. It's actually TWO Rheostatics albums. The soundtrack to the film, and the album itself. The novel is excellent.

    • the movie was good as well!