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Péladeau was for taxpayer subsidies before he was against them (II)


From a Canadian Heritage press release issued yesterday:

“The grant from Canadian Heritage is critical to the viability of small newspapers like ours,” said Dave Sykes, Group Publisher, Sun Media. “It ensures that people in rural areas have access to local news.”

The Government of Canada has provided funding of:

  • $57,291 to The Goderich Signal-Star
  • $40,701 to The Exeter Times Advocate
  • $40,673 to The Shoreline Beacon
  • $32,246 to The Kincardine News
  • $30,603 to The Kincardine Independent
  • $28,518 to The Clinton News Record
  • $23,329 to The Citizen
  • $23,190 to The Huron Expositor
  • $22,525 to The Walkerton Herald-Times
  • $21,381 to The Wingham Advance Times
  • $21,325 to The Lucknow Sentinel


Péladeau was for taxpayer subsidies before he was against them (II)

  1. Oh, look! Some low hanging fruit:

    So, um, how about Rogers Media properties? Are they for taxpayer subsidies or against them?

    • Are they trying to be a "conservative" voice in the media world?

      I am quite certain that no Rogers entity has ever been against any taxpayer subsidy as long as they were also getting theirs.

    • The "low hanging fruit" is the ease with which it's possible to find Conservatives-by-press-release who are happy to take as much as they can (from the poor, hard-working taxpayers they purport to defend and represent) whenever they feel the conflict between their actions and their advertised principles aren't being directly observed.

      • Because the right and proper thing to do is to advocate for low taxation and limited government and no subsidies of private enterprise with a voice weakened by the fact that your taxes are subsidizing your competition, who are busy enjoying being less productive but more competitive because they are benefitting from the exact opposite. Gotcha.

        Of course, it does tend to leave one exposed to the even more hypocritical smirks and taunts from the pigs already at the trough, I suppose.

        • Actually, I think the point about Péladeau is partly about the fact that he's advocating for the new Sun channel to get "Category 1" status from the CRTC right before everyone assumes that said status is about to be TAKEN AWAY from CBC News Network and CTV Newsnet. It's not just that he wants the same advantage that his competition gets, he wants to be given an advantage that his competition is about to lose.

          • Really? Category 1 crap is going away? Wow! That's so cool! So, wow, this is so odd, so let me check something here. Do you really mean that a government agency might actually back off, in favour of private businesses and individual customers deciding for themselves how they might structure a commercial transaction for mutual benefit? Sheesh! What do they think this is? The Wild West?

            I am not at all certain that "everyone assumes" correctly, there, LKO. So Peladeau is doing what Canadian companies have gotten good at, after years and years of tried and true experience. They compete with each other for lavish affection from government.

  2. Philippe: Why do you hate the troops so much?

  3. The CRTC has rejected Cat 1 application for Peladeau's right-wing TV project. So it will be on the Cabinet's/Harper's desk now, I reckon.

  4. Somebody wants to start a new TV channel and the lefty journalists in Canada want to act like catty, pre-pubescent girls and try to embarrass the newcomer with cheap and petty attacks. Gotta love the maturity around here.