Penashue likely to lose to Liberal in upcoming byelection: poll

Liberal candiate Yvonne Jones has voter support


Andrew Vaughan/CP

There is bad news for former Conservative MP Peter Penashue in a poll conducted by Forum Research in his riding.

The Conservative candidate, who resigned in March amid an admission that he accepted ineligible campaign contributions in 2011, will likely be defeated by Liberal candidate Yvonne Jones in an upcoming byelection, the poll says.

The poll, which was conducted between March 30 and April 2, asked 274 respondents who they would support in the byelection. Of those, reports the Globe and Mail, 57 per cent said they would support Jones, 20 per cent said they would vote for Penashue and 21 per cent said they supported NDP candidate Harry Borlase.

Jones is a long-time member of the provincial legislature for Newfoundland and Labrador and is taking a run at the federal seat.

The unfavourable poll comes despite the fact that Prime Minister Stephen Harper lauded Penashue as “best member of Parliament Labrador has ever had.” If this latest poll is any indication, maybe the people of Labrador will disagree.

The fact that Penashue is facing a tough race to reclaim his seat is not a surprise. In the 2011 election he defeated Liberal candidate Todd Russell by just 79 votes. And, that time around, Penashue had at least $30,000 in ineligible campaign donations to help him net the win.

Harper has until Sept. 14 to set a date for the byelection.

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Penashue likely to lose to Liberal in upcoming byelection: poll

  1. That’s reassuring considering the fact that he and his family used their business connections to literally steal the 2011 election from the Liberal incumbent, Todd Russel. Now, because Stephen Harper intends to sign Penashue’s nomination papers and proceed with a byelection, the taxpayers of Labrador will have another large bill foisted upon them that they never asked for. The Conservative regimes version of democracy.

  2. Not over till it it’s over, of course, but it seems promising. Here’s hoping the CPC falls from first to 3rd in several more ridings come 2015.

  3. Sure but how many of that 57% are really certain where they are supposed to vote?

  4. I love reading that harpo called him the best MP and the voters are saying he is not even good enough to be re-elected.

  5. Right now , seems that the Conservatives have kicked off a pre – election campaign with Mr. Penashue going from town to town, door to door. I suppose this will carry on until Harper calls an election. Sounds expensive from what we know it cost during the last election…I’m wondering if they have to claim this when they tally up their totals for Elections Canada or if this is just something outside of the rules because of a technicality.

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