Pentagon moves away from RIM as BlackBerry 10 testing begins -

Pentagon moves away from RIM as BlackBerry 10 testing begins


In more bad news for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, the Pentagon has put out a request for proposal looking to expand its secure networks to support iPhone and Android devices at the Department of National Defence.

The Pentagon, which once used only BlackBerry devices because they provided superior security, said it will continue to support “large numbers” of RIM products as the new Apple and Android departments come on board, reports Reuters.

The initial request for proposal says the network must be able to support 162,500 Android and Apple devices.

The move comes as the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency also said it would end its exclusive contract with RIM, and would begin using the Apple iPhone for its more than 17,600 employees.

But wait, says RIM, according to a report from Bloomberg, the company’s much-delayed BlackBerry 10 smartphone is in the testing stage with wireless carriers, meaning it will likely be delivered  in the first quarter of 2013.

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Pentagon moves away from RIM as BlackBerry 10 testing begins

  1. regardless, RIM will prosper

    • You must have shares in RIM to say something like that. Everyone knows that company is an Albatross for investors.

      • ..and you must be part of the Apple Cult

  2. Looks like some big pockets are short . What a BS article of lies

  3. Means nothing. RIM was selected in the first place for a good reason. We don’t need government personnel sitting around playing bird games and useless apps. The BB10 will most likely reinforce that.

  4. Apple and Android will never provide the same level of security. Apple because they won’t open up their code, Android because you would have to hire your own team of developers. RIM is here to stay.

  5. This article is very shortsighted. The RIM platform, Fusion, offers ability to managed the Government network provisioning iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices in addition to the BB10 OS. In the RFQ / RFP proposals, competitors will have a difficult time proving a secure encryption. RIM acquisition of many ECC patents via its ownership of Certicom are licensed to NSA.

    It is nice to see folks trying to deflate the RIM balloon without fully understanding its business model beyond a shiny toy in their hands.