PermanentTaxOnEverything: Let the festivities begin


The morning’s email blast from a Conservative Party spokesman, verbatim and in its entirety.

Stephane Dion on a carbon tax:

“Let me give you the two bottom lines of this plan: there will be no carbon tax”
“In eleven years in politics, I have never broken my word. I will be a Prime Minister that you can trust”
(Dion Speech to Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, October 10, 2007, http://www.liberal.ca/word_e.aspx?story=13188 <http://www.liberal.ca/word_e.aspx?story=13188> )

Dion says he always keeps word:

* “They will know that, with me, I’m always straightforward and I’m always keeping my word.” (St. John’s Telegram, March 11, 2007)
* “I am a man who is always respecting my word, contrary to the current prime minister.” (Chronicle-Herald, March 29, 2007)
* “The difference between him and me is, he is unable to keep his word and I will keep my word and I will not make commitments I cannot fulfill.” (CP, April 5, 2007)
* “I never broke my word in 11 years in politics. Everybody needs to believe me, I am a man of integrity. We know now that the Prime Minister is able to [renege on] what he is saying,” Mr. Dion said (Globe and Mail, April 23, 2007)
* “And they will know more and more how I’m sincere and honest, in 11 years in politics I never broke my word.” (Mike Duffy Live, CTV Newsnet, June 12, 2007)
* “You can believe it – I have never broken my word to anyone.” (Montreal Gazette, June 17, 2007)
* “I want to tell all the readers of your newspaper – I never broke a promise in 11 years in politics.” (Chronicle-Herald, July 12, 2007)
* “I will be honest with you. I have never broken my word in 11 years in politics. Never.” (London Free Press, August 21, 2007)
* “Canadian farmers deserve a government that will always be honest with them. A government that keeps its promises. And that is what they can expect from a Dion government – I will always be honest, I will never make a promise I cannot keep, and I will never let ideology get in the way of fair, common sense solutions to support Canadian farmers.” (Liberal Party Press Release, August 20, 2007)
* “I have never broken a promise in my 11 years in politics,” he said (Chatham Daily News, August 21, 2007)
* “I never broke my word in 11 years in politics,” Dion said. “I want to destroy the sense of cynicism that no politician will stick to his or his word. I always did it. I don’t over commit and when I’m committing, I will deliver” (Montreal Gazette, August 28, 2007)
* “I want to offer them a much better option – I know what integrity means, I know what honesty means.” (St. John’s Telegram, September 1, 2007)
* “I agree with you. There is this idea of sincerity. I think people perceive me as very sincere. I never broke my word and the contrast with the prime minister his approach will be prescribing striking and also the direction we want to give to this country” (Politics, CBC Newsworld, December 18, 2007)

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PermanentTaxOnEverything: Let the festivities begin

  1. Love the confidentiality warning.

  2. Whoopsie.

  3. Whoopsie?

    But Paul, you are (I assume) and “intended recipient” and posting it on your blog is how you “used” “this message”.

    And now we’re all “intended recipients” of the message, from you.

  4. Speaking of conservatives, when was the last time a conservative PM lowered the lowest income tax bracket? Harper raised the lowest bracket when he came into office. I think Mulroney had a net gain (the reduction did not match his earlier increases at the bottom).

  5. Paul, recalling a section of your book you linked to awhile back. I couldn’t help but think that Dion might respond to his Carbon Tax flip flop like Austrian PM John Howard did with one of his sudden flip flops, “I changed my mind.”

  6. Perhaps Dion meant he wouldn’t have a carbon tax alone – but changed his mind when he saw that he could balance the tax….

    About all the promises Harper made, things he said, do we need to get into an exercise of who said what when? If we do, there’s lots of material out there.

    Harper and your childish gang – careful what you wish for……..it could slap you back in the face.

  7. I wonder if the dinosaur’s could have saved themselves with a revenue neutral carbon tax?

  8. Harper’s a regular riot — calling Dion out for changing his mind. Brian cranks up his ‘He’s not a leader’ horn.
    Of course, that would preclude us forgetting Income Tax promise, the appointing senators and throwing them into cabinet motif, the whole magical world of accountability and access to information, the general ‘will spend less money than those spend-body Liberals’ allusions, the slapstick ‘make parliament work’ spiel, and i guess nearly 98% of the CON catalogue.
    I guess the Emperor has left the building without his cloak again?

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