Persistence precedes essence (II) -

Persistence precedes essence (II)


Tony Clement, to James Cowan, a few months ago:

“I have never, so far, found a case where I have been in such disagreement with the eventual outcome that I’ve posed the existential question about whether I will continue with the ministry or not.”

After the pounding he took from @acoyne on twitter last night, it is increasingly clear that there is no compromising of his much-flaunted conservative principles that would lead Tony Clement to pose that existential question. Which, of course, raises the deeper question as to the actual existence of those principles.

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Persistence precedes essence (II)

  1. Ye Gawds. It was aggrevating enough watching "paradigm shift" get reduced to an office buzzword. I don't care if it DOES help the trains run on time, please don't tell me existentialism has been stripped of its ontology as well.

  2. Tony Clement is about as elitist and power hungry as you can get.

  3. Whether or not Clement "continues with the ministry" is not an existential question, unless he's referring to a heretofore unknown religious vocation, through which he achieves a fulfilling existence.

    • or not


      • Touché!

    • You are applying an extremely narrow and dare I say pedantic, definition of existentialism. Existentialism at its broadest is concerned with the analysis of existence and the way humans find meaning in their existence in the world. It particularly concerns the consideration of free will, personal choice and discipline and its consequences.

      An “existential” questions is one that considers these things. The term applies.

      It is also hilarious to see someone anonymously named “amateur hour” try to tell a public figure with a PhD in philosophy (Potter) what existentialism isn’t.

      • As Amateur-hour was quoting Clement and not Potter, your final point is moot.

      • Darn it all, I should have known this Masters Degree wouldn't be enough.
        Oh well, back to the salt mines.

        • Well you are at least being transparent about your failings Amateur Hour.

      • PHILOSOPHY "at its broadest is concerned with the analysis of existence and the way humans find meaning in their existence in the world." Existentialism struggles to find meaning in a world that has none.

        That said and considering he's talking about Ottawa, Tony may have a point. Not the one he was trying to make, but a point nonetheless.

  4. Tony Clement is Harper's favorite waste disposal site. If there is garbage, Harper will send Tony to soak clean it up.

    • You know, you never see Tony Clement and Rona Ambrose in the same place at the same time. Hmmmmm …

      • Your comment sent me into a reverie about an existence in which neither Tony Clement nor Rona Ambrose were ever seen in any place at any time.

  5. Potter:

    Major error in your Flouride story. WIFI was never banned in Ontario. You got taken by a crappy QMI story that didn't call anyone.–wifi-w

    I'm posting here as you seem to have missed the correction I posted yesterday.

  6. And people used to say that Trudeau had a weak front bench…