Pesticide ban caused bed bug pandemic: City of Toronto manager -

Pesticide ban caused bed bug pandemic: City of Toronto manager

Toronto third-worst city for bed bugs in North American


Bed bugs are exploding in North American cities like Toronto and the city’s environment manager Reg Ayre has an explanation for why. Developing countries used to use DDT to kill the bugs until it was discovered that the toxin was killing bird species. Recent bans on the use of DDT and other effective—but toxic—pesticides have contributed to the spread of bed bugs worldwide, Ayre told the Toronto Sun. A study released earlier this month ranked Toronto the third-most-infested city in North America after Columbus, Ohio and New York City.

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Pesticide ban caused bed bug pandemic: City of Toronto manager

  1. Environmentalist are always wrong, listening to them can lower your intelligence but drafting legislation at their behest can be dangerous.

  2. "…Bed bugs are exploding in North American cities…"

    Oh my god! Exploding bugs! In North American cities!

    Whatever will we do? LOL

  3. Bed bugs are a nuisance. Malaria is overwhelmingly catastrophic in areas where it thrives and people are desperately poor and the public health priorities are abysmal. I am far more distressed about the deaths from malaria than I am about bed bugs (easy for me to say, my family hasn't been hit yet).

    Maybe it's time for a sober re-evaluation of the benefits and risks of limited reintroduction of DDT?

  4. Actually, exterminators used DDT until bedbugs became resistant and immune to it in the 1940s and early 1950s. After that, they used other poisons. But DDT did not wipe out bedbugs, nor could it now. Recent research shows bedbugs are highly resistant to DDT at a minimum, and most populations are completely immune.

    Rachel Carson was right: We should have seriously restricted DDT use by 1962, to preserve its usefulness.

    Today? Every mosquito on Earth has at least one of the alleles that make it possible for the mosquito to digest DDT as if it were food.

    Listen to those environmentalists. Today it's just bedbugs, who carry few diseases, if any. Tomorrow? What will we do when DDT-strengthened, disease-carrying pests go ballistic?

    • Rachel Carson was a whacko extremist and WRONG, and her foolish campaign has resulted in THOUSANDS of DEATHS from MALARIA world-wide, as well as an explosion in other pests. It's NO COINCIDENCE that you are seeing an explosion in bed bugs in the same areas where LIBERALS run things. New York's extremist actions in kow-towing to the environmental whackos has given them this bug epidemic.

      I am reminded of an adage about dogs and fleas, but I will let it lie…

      • Rachel Carson was dead right. Not a single piece of research she cited in Silent Spring has ever been contradicted. Moreover, now, 40 years late, WHO and the nations of Africa have come around to use integrated vector management as the way to beat malaria in Africa — exactly what Carson advocated in 1962.

        If DDT was such a great tool against malaria, why is the death toll from malaria now half what it was when we banned DDT use in the U.S., and a third what the death toll was when DDT use was at its peak? Had Carson been wrong, the bald eagle, ospry, brown pelican and peregrine falcon would not have recovered, and malaria infections and death rates should have risen dramatically after DDT use was significantly reduced for use against malaria, in 1966. Instead, we saw an uptick in malaria in the 1980s, 20 years later, when the pharmaceuticals used to treat the disease in humans stopped working, but overall a constant decline in malaria deaths.

        Bed bugs are immune to DDT. What's the real reason you want to poison New York and Toronto?

      • it's hilarious that right wing people would prefer toxins and poisons than having to deal with pests.. the fact that big business runs things also shows why people are being poisoned by environmental toxins every day.. go have a swig from a plactic bottle and enjoy the bpa

  5. Isn't Toronto the biggest destination place in Canada for new immigrants ? Especially those from third world?

    • Whatever are you implying, Jonathan?? After your 'muslim bed bug' comment above, I am led to believe you may have a problem with people who are different from you… in Toronto that's called racism.

  6. By the way, DDT was banned in the US in 1972. You think that's why there are bedbugs now. Doubt it!

    *Honestly, just like they artfully trumpeted the essentially non-existent West Nile Virus threat and milked it for years, they're fanning the flames of the bed bug scare now. Seriously, these companies' marketing budget include huge sums for inventing and/or heightening any pest fears that may resonate at all with the public.

    On account of West Nile virus, these companies managed to get huge, annual gov't contracts out of it-I know, I worked for the gov't), the pest control companies and chemical production giants (Bayer anyone, Exxon anyone).

    *Do you know how over-hyped West nIle was? Almost no one died of it, and the few that did were almost all over 75 years old (in other words, they died because they were old and sick, not expressly because of West Nile). It's amazing what a lot of money can buy in the way of twisting facts to favor your own business/industry.

  7. Please visit my new site where you will find fact-based guidance on why our new bed bug pandemic developed, what's wrong with our current products and pesticide registrations, and what private citizens can do to solve our problems.

    Best wishes from your southern neighbors,
    George Rotramel, PhD