PETA mocks ailing Danny Williams with get-well card -

PETA mocks ailing Danny Williams with get-well card

Animal rights org encourages Newfoundland premier to go vegan after his heart surgery


We are shocked—shocked!—to report that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is being accused of crassness. The hardline animal rights org has angered Danny Williams’s aides by sending the Newfoundland premier a get well card advising him to go vegan after his heart surgery. The tidings came with a gift basket of vegan treats—alternatives, the activists say, to seal meat. Williams has clashed with animal rights groups many times over the province’s annual seal hunt. But this time the activists have caught the verbose premier in an awkward moment. Not only is he suffering from heart trouble, he’s been roasted in the media for his decision to seek treatment in the United States rather than back home, where critics say the province has allowed the medical system to deteriorate.

The Telegram

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PETA mocks ailing Danny Williams with get-well card

  1. It's hard to know what to be more irked about – that PETA did this, or that we're receiving this news by way of the Brits.

    • The Telegram is based in St. John's.

      • *Wipes egg.*

        And that's why you always click the link…

        • Also weren't you thinking of the Telegraph?

          • I'm embarassed to admit that I was.

  2. How exactly is a vegan basket and get well soon card a 'mock' exactly? Or even crass?

    • just the way that Peta plays their game,,kick a man when he`s down!!! thats really humane isnt it???

  3. Exactly. The vegan basket is actually kind of nice.

    And the advice to go vegan is sound. Most good cardiologists would agree that Danny Williams would improve his heart health by eliminating his consumption of animal products.

  4. a different view

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  5. i think williams prefers the CLUB sandwich

  6. I think Premier Williams should send it back to them COD with a can of seal meat for a free gift!!

    • great idea!! how about putting it in a re-usable Seal Skin shopping bag too..must go green and re-use while we are at it !!!!

  7. the telegram is a hysterical kneejerk propaganda centre for the williams cult.

    the peta people are 100 percent correct. there is no debating the science. a healthier diet protects heart health

    i guess the telegram will send dan-o a basket of deep fried cod tongues to counter those mean, clueless vegetable people

    • agree to a healthier diet..Harp Seal Oil is the best source of omega 3 p.u.f.a .know to man to-day!! should send PETA a case of it right away……………

  8. Here's the thing: if I honestly believed PETA was sending him the get-well basket in a genuine attempt to wish him well and repair what it at best a strained relationship, this wouldn't be a problem. Seal alternatives, vegan diets, fish oil supplements, etc, may contribute to heart health.

    But I don't. I think they sent it as a publicity stunt to try to poke fun at Williams' condition, opportunistically trying to associate his condition with the seal hunt. And that's not helpful.

    • Your so right, ,you would think they would be trying to gain public support for their cause, by stooping this low it just shows the public that they are nothing more than a bunch of Radicals…takes whatever credibility they might have had and destroyed it…well done PETA!!!

  9. Not helpful or necessary. The guy is recovering from heart surgery, leave off. Typical of PETA though; if they can save one cuddly animal, who cares how many people they hurt.

    • But there supposed to be Humanitarians and "Ethical " people….Nothing more than Enviro- Terrorists!!! you have really made your Mothers proud.!!

      • Well that's an awfully absolutist statement. I'm sure that there are many people that are PETA members because they love animals, and have no wish to hurt anyone. If you want people to change their behaviour, show them a better way of doing things; obtuse and aggressive rhetoric does nothing more than inflame the situation.

        • your right, that was a Little to much on my part.. i have had a personal run in with some Peta people that left a bad taste in my mouth so i get a liitle to vocal..oops!!! they still are Radical though….

  10. There's room for all God's Creatures!…..right next to the mashed potatoes!

    • hats off to you sir!!

  11. PETA has done a lot of stupid, tasteless and/or offensive things over the years to get publicity, but I can't see how sending a gift and some good health advice to a public figure is any of those things. I think (and as a vegan who interacts almost exclusively with non-vegans, I have a lot of experience with this) that a lot of people just see the very existence of veganism as a threat to the dietary norms they've been brought up with, have never really thought about, and don't want to think about. Better to be adversarial than to consider for a moment that PETA might have a point. (This is, I think, related to the reasons why I always have to answer a bunch of silly and obvious questions about my diet, when all I want to do is just eat my goddamn sandwich.)

    • Power to the Vegans, my Inlaws are vegans, but you dont really think that PETA sent him that because they are concerned with his health do you?? what they did was in very poor taste,, just another publicity Stunt..too bad…..

      • Of course it was a publicity stunt; that's what activist groups do. So what? There are good and bad publicity stunts, and aside from people's visceral reactions in defence of the indefensible, I just can't see how this falls so far into the latter category.

        • I suppose ,would do alot more for their credibilaty if they showed a bit of compassion though,,might even draw some support from people who wouldnt otherwise support PETA..