PETA slams Trudeau family Christmas card

MP’s family photographed wearing coyote fur


PETA is taking Liberal MP Justin Trudeau to task over his annual Christmas card, in which he and his family are decked out in coyote fur. The card features Trudeau, his wife, Sophie Grégoire and his two children wearing fur parkas and smiling under a fur blanket. PETA has called the card “lurid.” Says Lucas Soloway, a member of PETA and co-president of the Concordia University Animal Rights Association: “I was shocked and upset to see it. I think it was disturbing, especially at this time of year in a greeting card. Where is the cheer in wearing the skins of animals?”

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PETA slams Trudeau family Christmas card

  1. Shut up, PETA. Just shut up. Go away and leave the rest of us alone.

  2. Yes PETA, its a sin to single out fools. Its not his fault he had a father fool.

    • Canada, the country that adorations the weak and the fools, as long as they get media exposure, the only thing that can cause a reaction in a non working brain. No wonder the smart intelligent are no where found in politics anymore. They couldn't take the adoration of the bent over make believe bilingual canadians.

  3. I thought the fur around cuffs was a bit too much, but other than that, nice picture, made me feel warm and fuzzy….

  4. My opinion of the Trudeau family (none too high in the past) has just risen 100,000%.

    Good for you, Justin, for effecitve use of a renewable, environmentally- friendly Canadian resource.

    As you you, PETA, exactly what do you think coyotes eat? Yes……. animals!!!! Think of all the cute little bunny-rabbits, rodents etc that are still alive now because the Trudeaus took some top predators out of circulation. Clearly, the Trudeaus have saved animals……. just like you, PETA.

  5. I agree with you, sejanus. Coyotes also prey on dogs, cats, and (fortunately not often) people.

    Nature itself is cruel. The best we can do is minimize the suffering of animals we use for our purposes.

    If I lived in (wherever the Trudeaus live) instead of a warmer climate, you can bet I would bundle up like the Trudeaus if nothing else could keep me warm, but I would investigate the treatment of the fur animals and would pay more $$ to a source that used quick and humane killing methods.

  6. Macleans, why are you giving headline billing to the views of this eccentric minority? This is all truly a tempest in a teapot.

  7. As many who have tried can attest, you aren't easily going to wipe out coyotes. They are very good at adaptive breeding to their numbers and food supply. They are also one species whose range is growing naturally across North America.
    PETA might do better to save the Lemmings.

  8. PETA types are more than just annoying. Idiots whining about the "injustice" of furs should either shut up or preach about their fur insanity AND move out of cities/towns, stop using cars, stop wearing synthetic fibers in their clothing, stop burning oil/natural gas or using electricty to heat their homes, stop using electronics and stop living in Canada, a nation that was basically started because wealthy Britons wanted beaver fur hats which were in vogue at the time pushing the fur trade.

  9. peta people eating tasty animals

  10. Who cares what extremist PETA thinks? Why do they even get coverage of their extreme views?

    • people who wear fur are actually sort of extreme, it surely isn't acceptable in our culture ..might be if you are an innuit

      • And just who, pray tell says it isn't acceptable ?

        • Pray tell? … What are you, retarded. Governments around the world say fur is not acceptable nidiot. Then again, you're probably canadian, so enough said.

          • LOL…The above response was supplied by a recent ''Graduate'' of the PETA School of thought , Graduation Class of 2010 .

          • Lee, you are blogging on a Canadian magazine online site and the person you are insulting is named "true north". Of course he/she is Canadian. If you haven't visited our beautiful country, let me tell you it is very very cold this time of year…we recently hit -30 degrees farenheit (I assume you are American). Fur is the warmest way to go as far as a good coat and coyotes have actually snapped up a few young kids playing in playgrounds in downtown Calgary. I saw one guy chasing one with a hockey stick down the street, right in front of our prime minister's house. So, come on over for a visit and we will introduce you to some wild life right in the city. Of course, be warned that there are grizzly bears in Banff. We wouldn't want you suing us when you get attacked like those Aussie tourists did.

          • Bravo…Well said……….

  11. I can't wait for the day that an animal wears Trudeau's skin. That would give me such enormous pleasure.

    • Well Lee, that is likely to happen but maybe we could send to a picture where a coyote has ripped apart a baby calf or eaten a liter of puppies or mauled a young human toddler…that happened in Vancouver. That should appise your blood thirsty nature somewhat.