Peter Milliken hung -

Peter Milliken hung


Former Speaker Peter Milliken had his official portrait unveiled last week.

Peter Milliken and Paul Wyse, the man who painted the portrait.

Former PM Joe Clark and former GG Michaëlle Jean.

Liberal interim leader Bob Rae (left) and NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.


Peter Milliken.




Peter Milliken hung

  1. Not only is Milliken well hung, but he has balls – something the current Speaker seems to have misplaced

  2. “A picture is worth a thousand words”

    photo of Mulcair and Rae – one looks like vigorous leader of opposition and other looks like he’s standing around with his thumb up bum and mind in neutral.

  3. The incumbent speaker, Andrew Scheer, was absolutely correct;
    “expertise and grace” are the legacy of the former speaker Peter Milliken. Not only has the Hon. Milliken made Kingston proud, he has
    also made Canada proud; a street, a library, and/or a park should be named in
    his honour – both in Kingston and in Ottawa.

  4. Tough from this angle to read the labels on those rows of identical items behind him.