Petraeus Primer Day 11: '50 Shades of Khaki' -

Petraeus Primer Day 11: ’50 Shades of Khaki’


In what seems like day 45 of the still-unidentified Petraeus “scandal,” a pall of regret descends: Paula Broadwell’s here, David Petreaus’s here. Meanwhile, Petraeus has retained a  DC lawyer known for negotiating big-buck political book deals to help navigate his exit from government–and whatever else.

Meanwhile, predictable partisan bickering continues over the differing versions of the Benghazi attack.

And we’re well into tedious “lessons learned”: believes the takeaway is that human beings are morons when using technology, specifically email which apparently we use “constantly–and, all too often, unthinkingly.” In the New Yorker, Adam Gopnik weighs in , coining “50 Shades of Khaki” as he cleverly links the Petraeus affair with Philip Roth’s under-the-radar retirement from writing last week.

But, wait! Didn’t  Paula Broadwell’s indiscrete dad tell New York Daily News that whatever it is we’re watching is  a “a smokescreen” veiling a bigger story? “This is about something else entirely, and the truth will come out,” he said. “There is a lot more that is going to come out…You wait and see. There’s a lot more here than meets the eye.” Maybe he was just angling for a book deal too.

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Petraeus Primer Day 11: ’50 Shades of Khaki’

  1. Muammar Gaddafi was pushing other Arab countries to adopt a gold standard currency which would have eclipsed the dollar and the euro.

    So the whole country of Libya was sacked in order to kill him.

    When the ‘rebels’ ousted Gaddafi, what was the first thing they did ? Form a new GOVERNMENT ?

    Nope. They formed a LIBYAN NATIONAL BANK.

    Now, why would they do that?

    And even though they ‘ousted’ Gaddafi, he remained sole proprietor of the Libyan National Bank (the original one) until he (and his heirs) died.

    So… guess what?

    The EUSSR needed Libya’s oil and since they have been on US military welfare since WW2, they had their dupe Sodom Hussein Obama arrange the assassination of their newly uncooperative stooge Muammar Queerdaffy, who they previously had on the UN Human Rights Commission.

    In Syria, nobody wants to get openly involved because it would force them to admit that George Bush was right and the WMDs Saddam Hussein did have and did use on Kurds and Iranians went over to his friend (and formerly theirs) Bashar al-Assad in the Ba’ath Socialist party.

    The EUSSR socialists can never face the facts of what socialism really is.

    Smuggling guns to narcoterrorists in Mexico is the same modus operandi as smuggling guns to the Salafist terror groups in Syria…

    The deliberate indifference to the planned assassination of US ambassador Stevens just eliminated one loose end.

    Leon Puñettas was just too busy having gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon and couldn’t spare the troops to protect an ambassador…

    (Serbia was bombed by NATO so the IMF could make loans to rebuild and get control of the iridium assets.)

    It is never about human rights at all with these people, it is all about who controls….