PHOTO GALLERY: Cheryl Bernard’s Olympic curling rink

Canada’s curling sweetheart is on fire



PHOTO GALLERY: Cheryl Bernard’s Olympic curling rink

  1. This woman is very impressive as a sports figure, but she is also a beautiful Lady. I could not stop watching her during the events last Sunday. What a beautiful woman.

  2. Cheryl – you have skipped an awesome team as an awesome skipper.
    Congratulations to each and every one of you special Canadian Ladies for winning the Silver Medal for Canada. You all made us very proud.
    Cheryl —- would you please email me at elizabethkelly@eastlink.ca. I would like to be in touch with you, just for a thought or two.e

  3. What a HUGE and DUMB mistake for Team Canada in the 9th. They had a 2 point lead, and the opposition had the hammer. All they had to do was peel everything and let the other team stick for one, and Canada had Gold.. But no!!!, She decided to play rocks into the house. For what reason? Then the game was tied, oh, just perfect. They now had the hammer going into an extra end. Do they peel everything and stick for one at the end to claim gold this time? Nope, she starts playing rocks into the rings again. I saw this coming, they lost it all. Utter stupidity… they deserve silver…. period!! Where was the coaching in this? Total lack of stragedy.

    • The Canadian women curlers Cheryl, Carolyn, Cori and Susan were brilliant. Not at all expected to do well, they amazed us all. Their poise and grace are a credit to them, and to the nation. Seems to me Bob Nevermind is the type of person that complains roses have thorns, instead of rejoicing in the fact that thorns have roses. Loved every minute of it ladies, loved it. Proud of you. (sshh, don't tell her, but I love your skip)

  4. I have never seen a curling game. So I turned on the tv and here it was a very very pretty girl playing it. She was Cheryl Bernard an excelent player and the most baetiful girl that I've ever seen! You and your teammates deserved the golden medal. Congratulations!

  5. It is sad to finish the tournament like this.I am Sure Cheryl Bernard is very dissapointed of her decision, I dont understand why she did not call time out when Suzan O'Connor suggested it.
    However they gave the country a silver medal and a great week,they were to my opinion the most watched athletes trough the olympics.
    Hope the team will stay together .
    Congratulations for the silver medal and thank you for a great tournament.

  6. Do you know something about live strams from the gratest canadian proffesional tournaments? I'm writting, because you know I come from East Europe ,so my only possibility to watch curling is Eurosport TV. But thay brodcast Olympics and World Champonships, nothing more. After all,to be honest I was always a little bit fun of curling,not a great supporter,but I would like to change it. And I would like to become some of those "new true funs" Cheryl Bernard's team:)

  7. Canadian curlers were electric. Thoroughly enjoyed the entire tournament. Their poise and grace following a heartbreaking loss should long be remembered and cherished by all Canadians. Sometimes, it's how we lose that defines our character.
    Having been stunned by Cheryls' breathtaking physical beauty, mesmerized by the way she moves, captivated by those eyes, I finally fell in love with her when her humaness showed itself in the mild expletive "s***" on the sheet, immediately followed by a whispered "sorry" to the official, and her battle with tears following the loss. Love you, Cheryl, love you. God bless.

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