Photos: 'I have no regrets,' Jean Charest says as Quebec Liberals say farewell -

Photos: ‘I have no regrets,’ Jean Charest says as Quebec Liberals say farewell

Quebec Liberal party to pick new leader on Sunday


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Quebec Liberals pay tribute to Jean Charest

The Quebec Liberal party will pick a new leader on Sunday. Tonight though, they honoured the man who led the party for 14 years — Jean Charest. "I have no regrets," he told party faithful. Here’s how the celebration looked to Tweeps in the room:

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Une salle totalement comble à l’auditorium de Verdun pour rendre hommage à Jean Charest. #Leadership2013 Rochette
Le #PLQ propose l’hommage à Jean Charest en direct sur Internet… #leadership2013 Guglielminetti
Bain de foule de Jean Charest #Leadership2013 #polqc Robillard
Bain de foule pour M Dionne et J Charest. L’ex pm prend une fillette ds ses bras #leadership2013 Pepin
Avec Jean Charest !éphane Stril
Ovation de plusieurs minutes alors que Jean Charest arrive ds la salle pour son hommage #plq #tvanouvelles #assnatéronique Prince
Hommage à Jean-Charest, premier jour de la chefferie du PLQ Giguere
Jean Charest débute son discours " Vous m’avez beaucoup manqué" #leadershipPLQ2013 Laforest
Jean Charest, un grand leader
Jean Charest takes stage following tributes from premiers and global leaders at #leadership2013 #plqldr
Fmr #PLQ pres expected Charest to resign after 4 byelxn losses in spring ’02. Instead he went to work, won ’03 elxn 9 mos later. #qcpoliDon Macpherson
#leadership2013 Quebec Liberals told Jean Charest’s legacy is that ‘he saved the country’. #CTVMontreal #polqcMax Harrold
Charest condemns PQ for going backward, says PQ hymn should be ‘beep, beep, beep’ #CTVMontreal #leadership2013Max Harrold
Charest in English: Other Canadians should know that Quebecers want Canada to be great for their children. #plqldr #leadership2013 #qcpoliDon Macpherson
Merci monsieur Charest! #plq Girardin
Rest of Canada should know Quebec is part of their home and heritage, Charest says in English #CTVMontreal #leadership2013Max Harrold
Charest concludes with a second reference to importance of economy, @Raymond_Bachand’s issue. #plqldr #leadership2013 #qcpoliDon Macpherson
Charest took a few shots at us pundits tonight. That’s okay. We took them at him for 14 years in #qcpoli. #plqldr #leadership2013Don Macpherson
In the end, the best tribute to Jean Charest was given by….. Jean Charest #leadership2013Angelica Montgomery
Quebec Liberals will elect a new leader on Sunday morning. 

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Photos: ‘I have no regrets,’ Jean Charest says as Quebec Liberals say farewell

  1. Farewell Jean Charest. Though I may not have agreed with all of his policies, as Premier of Quebec he helped keep the nation together. He was always a strong voice for federalism in Quebec. You will be missed.