Photoshop works overtime as world waits for news of new pope


Photoshop works overtime as focus turns to Vatican balcony

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New Pope has been chosen #popeJC
White smoke is rising from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel. While the world waits for news of the new pope, Photoshoppers worked overtime:
“@DaSexySloth: Pope Sloth the 69th http://pic.twitter.com/V3z9mmfJIq” @KelseyAbbott23Miles
BREAKING NEWS: New #Pope Photo Leaked! @NFLRT http://pic.twitter.com/7tU9536IB1Go Browns!
“@TheNHLHumor: The New Pope: http://pic.twitter.com/FiNSgJTWGG” he’s got my vote!Kelsey Byron
The new Pope appears on the balcony… http://pic.twitter.com/FrmyQCAUQLian
#whitesmoke is coming from the Vatican. They have found a new pope! http://pic.twitter.com/blkxX34E9yMario Balotelli
A new pope has been elected! Lmao #HailTheTebow http://pic.twitter.com/qMHXe1Y6IJAmar Miletic
A bless to all from Pope Jorge http://pic.twitter.com/2QfQMkdadk Jorge
The new Pope… http://pic.twitter.com/qM5iJVa7JsFootball Funnys
WE HAVE A POPE http://pic.twitter.com/q11BXPaWytianthony padicox
CONFIRMED: LADY GAGA IS THE NEW POPE! CONGRATS!!!! http://pic.twitter.com/ylPeLgNOZ1andrew
lolol RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: An odd choice for pope but I think it could work: http://pic.twitter.com/5lvVKwtbwfpnuts mama

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