PI has no evidence on Guergis

But investigator says his information led to her removal from the Conservative party


Testifying before the House of Commons government operations committee, Derrick Snowdy, a private investigator who was looking into Nazim Gillani, the business partner of Helena Guergis’ husband, on behalf of investors, says he has no evidence against the former minister who was kicked out of the Conservative caucus. “I have nothing—I have no evidence, or no information, with respect to conduct of Ms. Guergis in my possession or knowledge,” he said. Snowdy was hired by investors worried that Gillani, a Toronto businessman, was defrauding them. He witnessed Guergis and Jaffer eating with the businessman, and went to the Conservative party to warn them about the relationship, which resulted in the ousting of Guergis on April 9. “Mr. Jaffer is Mr. Gillani’s business partner. They are in a business relationship. So this is an issue of optics,” he testified. “When the minister for the status of women is dining in a restaurant with a man awaiting trial on serious crimes and with a history of serious criminal activity, and an escort … how would the Hill here have responded to that photograph or that video showing up?”

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PI has no evidence on Guergis

  1. It was very obvious from the beginning of this so called scandal that there was no basis for any of the rumours,
    The whole debacle seems to have been driven by the irresponsible media and the liberal party.
    She has been treated shabbily

    • Right, the Liberal party kicked her out of caucus and called Snowdy a credible source.

  2. Once again you all assume that Snowdy was the snitch who got Guergis fired. Careful. You know what assuming does. It sets you up to look foolish. Nobody but nobody knows what the PM may or may not have known least of all the gumshoe.
    Again, a cabinet minister serves at the pleasure of the PM. He can hire and fire them without telling anyone his reasons. It is his perogative. This is not going to end well for Guergis. If all the speculation is right Harper may want to reconsider but it looks like she may be going too far and will not be invited back into the caucus let alone cabinet.

    • Whatever happened to giving someone a reason for why they were fired? Or a warning for that matter? There were myriad ways to do it. Why the coward's way. This was woefully bad PR for the PM.

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