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Picture perfect


Sometimes it’s too easy to come up with something witty about the verbal excesses of Gilles Duceppe. Sometimes it’s best to leave it up to La Presse’s Serge Chapleau, because he’ll be way funnier than you.

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Picture perfect

  1. IMHO Serge Chapleau is the best political cartoonist in the country.

    • I disagree. I find his cartoons mildly amusing but the only Canadian political cartoonist who actually makes me laugh is Aislin.

  2. I like Aislin too… he's in my top five.

    • If I had to rank, I'd go 1) Chapleau; 2) Gable; 3) Aislin; 4) Bob Chambers (look him up. An oldie…)

      • I've looked up Bob Chambers, and although I can find plenty of references to the cartoonist, I can't find any of his actual cartoons. Do you know if anything is online? Otherwise, I'll have to look him up one of these days at the public library. ;-)

        • I have an original hanging in my office. Bob was a friend of my grandfather's. He was at the Chron-Herald, and died in '96.

  3. ONe needs to understand the role of De Gaulle in all of this. De Gaulle's role within France and his role in Quebec.

    Very good picture. Very deep actually.

  4. Chapleau's Christmas decorations (bouilles de Noël) a few years back were probably the best theme serial caricatures ever seen here.