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Piers Morgan to replace Larry King

“America’s Got Talent” judge to fill old slot


CNN has announced that Piers Morgan will be taking over the time slot being vacated by Larry King. After the veteran King announced the end of “Larry King Live,” Morgan, a British journalist and TV host, was widely considered the front-runner to replace him. The struggling CNN is attempting to boost its low ratings with new hosts, and they hope that Morgan will provide King’s softball interview style with a younger and cooler twist. CNN President Jon Klein’s announcement also suggests that Morgan will look at the news “with style and humour with an occasional good laugh in the process.”

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Piers Morgan to replace Larry King

  1. I have seen Piers interview in the UK.He's really very good, and he doesnt lob softballs like kKng does.Kings time is up, and has been for some time.

  2. Piers ANTHONY is obviously intelligent, well spoken and witty. Will he have the courage to be different from the tediously predictable interviewer though?
    Journalists love to say that they write stories to comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable. True, to a point, at least for the young writers: older ones learn that their future is where the pay is better. Certainly Larry King is a prime example of a man too tired to challenge his guests.
    ANTHONY'S abilitIes are similar to his (English) compatriot David Frost. We've seen ANTHONY's courage on reality shows challenging no name contestents. But will we see Frost's zeal, his ability to zero in on the point of his interview, his willingness to cajole the truth out of the person he is interviewing? Ultimately, will we see a Richard Nixon moment?
    I hope so, or like Larry King, I will appreciate another time slot that I will not have to pay attention to.
    Kevin McNiff, Toronto, Ontario.

    • call me

  3. Truly an intelligent comment !! I admire you !!
    Kevin McNiff, Toronto, Ontario

  4. Yeah – cause what we really really need is more vertical integration. Holy monopoly batman!
    Anyone who was ever a fan of the Jays, and has actually visited other ballparks outside of Toronto will tell you how horrible the Skydome (did they really have to void the name chosen by a contest winner – would not "Rogers Skydome" not have been an acceptable compromise?) marketing shilling experience has become. The place has zero soul…

  5. But would MLSE's business model change? Right now, it seems to be: sit back and watch the sheep plunk down their fortunes on crappy product, and for heaven's sake don't sweat the quality of the product too much.

    Is Rogers comfortable with that as a business philosophy?

  6. Rogers should be looking into providing better customer service for their cell phone products, and more competitive pricing, rather than gouging the Canadian consumers.