Pipeline leak dumps oil in Alberta muskeg


A pipeline spill in northernwestern Alberta has dumped 22,000 barrels of oil and salt water in the muskeg outside the community of Rainbow Lake. The pipeline carries roughly 70 per cent water and 30 per cent oil, the Globe and Mail reports.

The line is owned by Calgary-based Pace Oil and Gas. The Energy Resources Conservation Board told the Canadian Press Thursday that the Pace well has been shut off, and that crews are on the ground to contain and clean up the spill.

The leak was reportedly spotted May 19 from a passing aircraft. It now covers 4.3 hectares.

From the Globe:

The company is now setting up a 50-person camp near the spill site, and has hired contract workers to clean it up. By Monday, it had recovered some 3,700 barrels of emulsion. It’s unclear how long it will take to clean up. Alberta’s Environmental Resources Conservation Board is investigating the spill.

It is just the latest of several large pipeline spills for an industry pushing to break ground on future projects to carry oil through the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean. Last year, an Enbridge pipeline leak spilled about 19,500 barrels of oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River.

A week earlier, a pipe operated by Plains All American Pipeline burst and dumped 28,000 barrels of oil near a small Cree community in northern Alberta. It was billed as the largest spill in nearly 36 years.


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Pipeline leak dumps oil in Alberta muskeg

  1. But, But PIPELINES don’t leak!

  2. Yeah, let’s just rubber-stamp… uh, “streamline”, yeah, that’s the word I meant… those environmental assessments.

  3. Is this the only major Canadian news site reporting this? I’m finding it hard to find elsewhere… It’s been 7 hours since this Maclean’s piece was posted…

    Gee….so much ‘left wing bias’ in the media, eh folks?

    Nothing to see here… please move along to the latest ‘kitten-killer’ article and be distracted….nothing to see…

  4. The story broke last Friday.

    • Alberta: Slowly becoming the dump site of Canada. All this for what? M***y. Yeap you guessed it right. Little bit goes to the mass so it,s kept quiet but the big slice to who? Exactly , corporations that give some of it back to political parties so they can keep screwing the s**t out of you and me. It,s a big wheel and well lubricated of course, oil being everywhere.

  5. I’m going to email Harper to tell him I told you so~

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