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Planet Snoop


Snoop was on Conan the other day. They talked about his desire to be the male Oprah, ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, and showed off the new Snoop Dogg GPS. Good god Conan is annoying though.

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Planet Snoop

  1. Saw Snoop on Strombo a few weeks ago. The dude is cooool. He's the most gracious guest, for example, when Conan compliments him for how good he always looks, Snoop responds immediately with a compliment for the band.
    It would be an intriguing thing for Snoop Dogg to be the male Oprah. I suspect I'd watch his favourite things show. Would I join his book club? I dunno, what's he got in mind?

      • Oh, I don't know…

        Sure, he was accused of being an accomplice to a guy's murder, so THAT guy might not think he's a great guest, if he were still with us, but still. While I'm not a big fan of guns myself, every OTHER charge listed there suggests he may well be a GREAT guest, depending upon the type of party you're throwing. It's always gracious to bring a gift to a party you're invited too, and it seems Snoop always brings something to the party… And while it might not be hyper safe to have Snoop around, I can't fault his own graciousness for the time somebody got shot when somebody else shot AT him. That would hardly be fair…

  2. Conan is the best talk show host, by a long shot.

    • I prefer Craig Ferguson, personally.

      • He's really good too! Maybe you're right, he might be better, I forgot about him.