Plus ca bloody change


globeandmail.com: Harper tells Quebeckers: ‘Bloc is not a choice’:

Launching his federal election campaign in Quebec City, Conservative leader Stephen Harper appealed to Quebeckers to abandon the Bloc because it cannot deliver spending goodies for the province…

“The Bloc is not a choice for Quebeckers for one simple reason: the Bloc will always be in opposition and will always come home to Quebeckers empty handed,” Mr. Harper told a packed crowd in a small Quebec City hotel ballroom.


Plus ca bloody change

  1. I’d like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the Globe for kindly telling me, at the outset of the article, exactly what Harper must have meant by “empty handed” – that being the giving of trivial “goodies”.

    As there would potentially be a number of possible interpretations ranging from Harper’s oft cited recognition of Nationhood, to other forms national respect, and to the also oft cited position that Quebecer’s don’t really get voice on the National stage from a seperatist party,

    I appreciate the Globe directly pointing me to the “correct” interpretation. Thankfully, I don’t have to exercise my judgment, as the deciders in the media will do that for me.

    Who says editorializing masquerading as news is a bad thing? Not me I tell ya!

    And oh, a shout out to Andrew for passing along that editorial assumption – you know, just in case anyone got the “wrong” idea about what Harper meant.

  2. Kody:

    And of course, the “spending goodies” because Mr. Harper wouldn’t dream of buying their votes with our money.

  3. Of course Mike,

    all things Harper does must be presumed to be of malevolent intentions.

    After all, he has a black heart.

    This is why Dion claiming Harper (publicly no less) committed a serious criminal offence, with absolutely no evidence to back it up, was generally treated with a shrug.

    Why? We all know Harper MUST have personally bribed Cadman. He has a black heart after all.

    Frankly, I’m glad those in the liberal media keep me alerted to this black heart (and correspondingly keep reminding me at every turn that Dion is a “principled” man with the purest of intentions with all his motives),

    ‘cuz I just don’t see either. So thank you media, for telling me what’s what. I don’t know what I’d do without you.

  4. no evidence other than Mr. Harper’s words on tape, you mean.

    I know, I know.. stop clouding the issue with facts, right?

  5. kody – surely recognition of Nationhood is a trivial goody, no?

  6. Nic Nanos said that the Bloc was the Federal Liberal’s only hope of stemming the Conservative wave in Quebec. Dion said earlier this week that he was as much of a nationalist as Gilles Duceppe.

    The strange thing is that the Liberal Party of Canada would rather Quebeckers vote for the Bloc than another federal party because they crave one thing, and only one thing, power. In their twisted way of thinking, Canada exists for the Liberal party. It’s that perverse thinking that gave us adscam.

  7. The Conservatives are repeating their error of ignoring the Western base while pandering endlessly to Quebec. Will we see Reform II? Or have they liked their taste of power too much?

  8. Andrew – one thing’s for sure, the west won’t turn to the Liberal party with their zany Green Shift plan.

    I know “open federalism” is a dirty word to Liberal Party of Canada centralists but I suspect after this election they’ll turn the page on Trudeau’s skewed vision of Canada and elect someone like Michael Ignatieff who understands that it’s not written in stone that Quebec should be allowed legislative flexibility to protect and promote the french-canadian culture. It’s no skin off anyone’s nose.

  9. Jarrid – Interesting that the Conservatives would appeal to the nationalists in Quebec. It’s almost like conservative pandering in Quebec works and there is never any consequence
    to such pandering.

  10. Pierre Trudeau’s vision of Canada has never resonated in Quebec. An alternative vision is not pandering, it’s an alternative vision. Only purists like Trudeau and his acolytes think otherwise. The close results of the 1995 Quebec referandum demonstrate how political intransigeance can be catastrophic. Quebec nationalism can easily be accomodated within Canada, as Harper’s “open federalism” is showing.

  11. Dije

    From Larry Martin’s column in the Globe yesterday:

    Stéphane Dion’s reset took the form of a new pledge to Quebec nationalists that he was essentially one of their own. “My dear Quebeckers,” he said. “I am as much a Quebec nationalist as Gilles Duceppe.”

    What consequences do you predict from ‘such pandering’?

  12. “The strange thing is that the Liberal Party of Canada would rather Quebeckers vote for the Bloc than another federal party because they crave one thing, and only one thing, power.”

    I know you’re just trolling but I still have to say that you will certainly not win the gold star for your reading and your reasoning ability. First, unless Mr. Nanos is running for the LPC, his opinions are just opinions, he can also say that deaths in Afghanistan would favor the NDP because they want a complete withdrawal but for any normal person with even half a brain, it doesn’t imply that they are wishing for such thing (no more than the GOP wished for a terrorist attack just to make Mr. Bush looks strong just because commentators said it would favor them). He also said at the beginning of the summer that the CPC was wishing a strong NDP showing just so they could nip the LPC vote. So according to your logic, it must be because “they crave one thing, and only one thing, power”.

    Speaking of “power”, to even imply that other political parties aren’t only interested in that is very naive. How many times Mr. Harper stepped on his own principles just so he could inch forward toward is elusive majority. They even openly admit that nearly all their policies are considered as either “sword” or “shield” (ie how many votes they can get or lose from different parts of the country). Maybe because “in their twisted way of thinking, Canada exists for the Conservative party”.

    BTW: In 2004, it was the BQ that prevented Mr. Martin from getting a majority and it’s also the BQ that propped up the Harper government on several occasions. So the role the BQ plays on the electability of other parties doesn’t really matter. Moreover, a party that refrain from attacking another (GPC) when both a fishing from the same poll of voters, is not exactly the kind of thing someone desperate for power would do. But your a conservative zealot, facts are unimportant.

  13. jwl – not any good ones. The Ontario base of the Liberals and the Alberta base of the Cons probably wont care about such pathetic pandering, as long as ‘their guy’ gets in and defeats the other guy.

    If any of this was aimed to actually benefit long-term the relationship between the Feds, QC and the other provinces it would be a good move. A more functional relationship will not even be an unintended side effect of any of the rhetoric coming from either party.

  14. Dije

    Why don’t you believe Harper is sincere?

    I am clueless about Quebec politics but I have never understood why people get so vexed about our Fed parties trying to woo the ‘soft-nationalists’ as they are called by english msm. It makes sense to me to try and give an alternative vision of Canada other than separatism or tight control from Ottawa.

    Personally, I quite like the idea of giving provinces more autonomy and I don’t understand why so many people get wound up by the idea.

  15. jwl – I don’t believe he is sincere because he has broken too many promises, is dishonest in his speech and the team behind him does not inspire me. Also, I find him very insincere in everything he says, which can be attributed to my own biases and opinions so not the most valid of points.

    I do not believe Harper is a good leader and I do not believe he has the best interests of the whole country in mind.

    I am, of course, left-leaning. I don’t hate academics, think Toronto is a great city and believe all people and regions are equal. The conservatives have branded people like me very unkindly and until they get some progressive people in the party I will never support them.

    No party supports greater personal freedoms or greater regional freedoms. If a party focused on enshrining in law property rights, defining what core services the federal government should deliver or present policy that is more far-sighted and concrete I would be much less cynical.

  16. Interesting, thanks for perspective Dije. I am probably as right-wing as you are left, so we aren’t going to agree on this one, but I like your ideas about property rights and core Fed services.

  17. Jarrid:

    “The strange thing is that the Liberal Party of Canada would rather Quebeckers vote for the Bloc than another federal party because they crave one thing, and only one thing, power.”

    If you’d stuck closely to the original Zell Miller, this would have had more punch:

    “How dare the Liberals try to bring down this Prime Minister!”

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