PM heads to Swiss alps

World Economic Forum kicks off Wednesday


As the cold front sets in back home, Prime Minister Stephen Harper finds himself at an elite Swiss ski resort this week, schmoozing with CEOs and academic types. Soon though, he’ll be getting down to business. The ski lodge will host the 2010 Davos World Economic Forum, an economic policy conference attended by a range of world leaders. On Thursday, Harper will give a keynote address, discussing the two international summits that Canada will be hosting this summer: the G8 and the G20. Also on the agenda: global banking systems, stimulus funding, and Haiti’s recovery.

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PM heads to Swiss alps

  1. Wow – keynote speechifying and hosting both the G8 + G20 this year …. I can't remember the last time we had such a high profile at these international councils. Way to go Stevie boy : I wonder whether the little bird was right that told me awhile back that the Law of The Sea Treaty and a seat in the Security Council just might be interesting little additions to Harper's legacy .. interesting times indeed – and the focus on mother and children is perfect – I can see margaret sitting there going who is this guy maybe I should have payed attention to him earlier!

    • Quite probably because this is only the 4th summit of the G20 since they started doing them in 2008.

      Just a little lacking in opportunity for anybody before Harper to get in there.

  2. I'm still pretty sure she knew what was going on. Maybe not all of it but come on, they probably weren't together very often if he had the time to entertain 14 ladies! And they never seem in love on ANY pictures. I say, fake couple. And by the way, les Houches is in France, and NOT the place you would go to hide trust me! Everyone in Europe is all over this story too.

  3. We should be proud of our great PM. Instead the MSM is nitpicking about nonissues. How lame.

    • I know, how dare people demand that he walk and chew gum at the same time. Good thing Parliament's not sitting, he might not have been able to go to Switzerland and respect democracy simultaneously!

  4. this stevie dude is gonna make sure he sees the world at taxpayers expense!

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