PM to Bettman: Let NHL stars play in Sochi Winter Olympics


OTTAWA – Prime Minister Stephen Harper is urging NHL commissioner Gary Bettman to let the league’s stars play in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Harper says he speaks for all Canadians who want to see the country’s top players don the Maple Leaf at the Winter Games.

NHL players have been part of the Olympics since 1998 in Nagano, Japan.

The league is mulling whether it is worth shutting down the NHL season for a few weeks to let its players take part in the 2014 Games.

The NHL, International Olympic Committee, International Ice Hockey Federation and NHL Players’ Association held meetings earlier this year to discuss the league letting its players go to Sochi.

But so far no decision has been made on the NHLers’ participation.

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PM to Bettman: Let NHL stars play in Sochi Winter Olympics

  1. One tyrant trying to tell another how to run his domain.

    • Yes, Harper Dictator Evil Nazi Bad!

      • Oh c’mon, Bean, you can surely do better than resort to Godwin’s Law. That’s lame even by your standards.

  2. I agree with Harper’s safe line on this issue. Considering the shut down endured by fans this year, on behalf of Bettman’s ego, is it too much to ask that they shut the league down for the fans for a couple of weeks next year?

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