PMO lashes out at "Millionaire Ignatieff Economic Czar" -

PMO lashes out at “Millionaire Ignatieff Economic Czar”

TD Bank CEO Ed Clark’s call for higher taxes ruffles Conservative feathers


The Prime Minister’s Office has lashed out at TD Bank CEO Ed Clark for daring to suggest the federal government ought to consider increasing taxes to deal with Canada’s deficit. Clark told conference attendees in Florida last week “the Canadian population is extremely unhappy to see these deficits,” noting there was widespread support for tax hikes at a pre-budget consultation between Harper and the Canadian Council of Chief Executives. “He doesn’t listen,” Clark said of Harper, “but you get to chat with him.” The PMO has since responded by accusing Clark of being a bourgeois shill for Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. An email to senior Conservatives—entitled “Millionaire Ignatieff Economic Czar Calls for Higher Taxes”—accused the Liberals of hiding behind the advice of “well-heeled economic advisers” to justify massive tax hikes for “working- and middle-class Canadians.” “Michael Ignatieff’s Bay Street buddy Ed Clark earned $11 million in 2009,” PMO staff wrote. “He can afford higher taxes. Can you?”

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PMO lashes out at “Millionaire Ignatieff Economic Czar”

  1. A shill for Ignatieff – gee, why would Clark bother?. The Liberals are not in power . Clark is a CEO for a large bank and therefore doesn't know whereof he speaks?

    The PMO staffers should think before they emote. And anyone who believes taxes will not have to be raised is living in a dream world.

  2. Ed Clark is a smart guy. He hedges his bets. In the summer of 2006, he made a generous contribution to Ignatieff's leadership campaign; a few months later, when the bloom was off Ignatieff's rose, Ed Clark made an equally generous contribution to Bob Rae's leadership campaign.

    • Any idea why he didn't hedge his bets by saying something nice about Harper? How smart is this guy… does he know something?

      • You bet. He knows (or at least he's pretty sure) that Michael Ignatieff will Canada's next Prime Minister. You can take that prediction to the bank.

  3. I love it when harper's true colours show. All those shades of black!

  4. Seems like we're all overreacting. Poilievre said today on Power Play that this is nothing more than 'fair debating'.

  5. I prefer Harper's solution to the deficit.

    " "

    Are we now to hold bank CEOs and the Opposition to a higher policy standard than the government?

  6. dream on! If Ignatieff wants to campaign on a platform of raising taxes, he'll soon be retiring to his villa in France.

    • Fred, my apologies … not really a serious discourse (or at least not literal) between the amphibious one and I. Please feel free to spread your Bob Villa rant elsewhere en francais of course.

      • He thinks he knows (Clark) but when it comes time to voting, I think he will be surprised..Harper still has the upper hand.

  7. Ed Clark may be smart – I don't know him. But, it is obvious that the PMO are idiots and an embarrassment to the Office.

    • If the PMO are "idiots", then why are they on the govt side of the House, and Paul Martin & Stephane Dion history? (Soon to be followed by Mr Ignatieff)

      • Yeah, why is that…..what's your theory?

  8. I think this is a smart move by Harper. First Iggy can't in the future go back and attack Bay St in order to pick up left leaning NDP type voters without looking like a complete hyprocrite. Second while I think Clark is a fine businessman he was associated with NEP and a very centralizing Liberal government which doesn't play well in the west and rural/bleu Quebec where Iggy needs to pick up votes in the future. Third it makes Iggy look too Toronto centric which is his greatest weakness. At least Trudeau and Chretien for all there centralizing NEP type tendencies weren't themselves from Toronto. The thing Iggy really needs to do is fire Alf Apps.

  9. Sad that a once great party has fallen so low. Unable to intelligently debate the issues their fall back position is to attack the debater with lies.

    • Are the conservatives so bereft of ideas of their own that they must launch attacks on the character of those who seek to engage in an intelligent debate of important public issues? It is very sad the depths to which a once proud party has sunk under the corrosive leadership of Harper and the PMO.

  10. I think of the PMO as being like a jellyfish: it reflexively stings anyone who comes near it.

    Someone ought to tell the attack dogs at the PMO that they are an official government body, not an adjunct of the Conservative war room. The Conservatives are not entitled to spend taxpayer money on partisan propaganda.

    Also, the PMO's behaviour here is simply bad politics. Mr. Clark – and anyone in his sphere of influence – is now more likely to support and work for the Conservatives' opponents.

  11. And the real kicker is that these vastly overpaid bankers will continue to not be taxed at an increased rate. When even they can see that a surtax for the ridiculously highly paid is something that makes economic sense, there is a real problem with a government who refuses to acknowledge the fact.

  12. taxes are already far too high, they should lower taxes, cut government and sell of what they can to the private sector to pay the debt