PMO requests RCMP investigation of former aide

Bruce Carson accused of peddling influence at Indian Affairs


The Prime Minster has asked the RCMP to investigate one of his former top advisors, Bruce Carson, for influence peddling after allegations arose that Carson used his position to offer access to the PMO. Carson is the director of the Canada School of Energy and Environment and the vice-chair of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada. During his tenure as a Harper aide, Carson was the top liaison on aboriginal affairs and co-chaired a government task force in charge of reforming the aboriginal land claims process. The Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN), which is planning to air an investigative report on Carson, alleges that he lobbied Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan’s office on behalf of an Ottawa water company, which was seeking to land contracts to sell poor quality water-filtration systems to native reserves. Upon being informed of the allegations by APTN, the PMO’s office has disavowed Carson. PMO spokesman Dimitri Soudas said the Prime Minister has “never met with, been spoken to or been lobbied by Bruce Carson on any of these matters.”

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PMO requests RCMP investigation of former aide

  1. The ongoing abuse of First Nations in terms of refusal of services constructions scams and attacks through the multi-lateral agreement process in the bids for FN programs infrastructure development as well as schools has become an issue for debate. The use of the devolution of power strategy which in turn lowers the status of the FN Reserve from that of National Partner to that of a municipality or hamlet permits this style of abuse. The attacks allow a governor at Indian Affairs to promote his own business interests at the expense of the band. Bad services materials and ineffective use of funds is traced directly back to the ignorant and in-experienced business manager who can not be trusted by the band. They are involved in each aspect of community life yet are completely unaccountable. Decissions can not be taken without their consent. Issues in hiring are also done by consent. The miss-use of band funds is so much a matter of lack of control by Chiefs and Council that few have the general personal resources and professional experience to cover off all areas of management. The Indian Affairs can and does get each Chief somewhere and some everywhere in some degree of graft. The Chiefs and councillors are like the little Dutch boy with his fingers in the dike. In Edmonton a former thief at one of the FN Reserves was awarded a place on the municipal Police Commission as reward for his conduct.

  2. And now Mr Carson is claiming he lied in his e-mail to the Ottawa water company he was representing about having spoken to the Prime Minister before the Aug 6, 2010 cabinet shuffle. In that e-mail he confirmed that John Duncan would be appointed to the Indian Affairs post. He then claimed he knew Mr Duncan "very well". My question is, if he hadn't spoken to the Prime Minister beforehand how would he have known that Mr Duncan would be appointed to the Indian Affairs portfolio? Mr Harper is of course scrambling once again to distance himself from yet another political scandal before a possible spring election. He has thrown Mr Carson under the bus (it must be getting crowded under there) by calling in the RCMP to investigate knowing full well there is no time to complete an investigation before a spring election. (And of course no one is allowed to comment on an ongoing police investigation). If "The Harper Government" does survive the next election expect to see Mr Bruce Carson handed a senate seat within the year.

    • "Obviously," as Mr.Harper will say, "I can't comment because this is matter is under investigation. Obviously."

  3. It bothers me that the RCMP doesn’t seem to investigate anything, at least anything political, unless and until Harper tells them to ….

  4. Jeez! Imagine! A Prime Minister that wants criminals charged rather then a Prime Minister that goes to Quebec to get a judge to say he's not a criminal! lol Didn't fool anybody though. Even the Vietnamese are on to him!

  5. My guess is that Harper knew that someone in the opposition had information on this issue. It's better that he deals with it now rather than have the opposition present this information during an election campaign.

  6. There are a few other ways to perceive this Con move, all of them being intertwined :
    1) They're trying to draw attention away from the fact they will be found in contempt of Parliament.
    2) They want to be perceived by the public as upholding ethical behavior.
    3) They are looking for scapegoats.
    In short , another red herring as it draws attention away from the issue of corruption in the Harper regime.

    • Not so much "draws attention away" as "makes it look like they are doing something". They know they can't stonewall on this one but think they can divert attention by first throwing him to the wolves (RCMP) and then say they can't comment. But you can bet they will point to the ongoing investigation as proof that they will act on genuine corruption (implying that all the other scandals raised by the opposition are just noise).

      The sad part is, they just might succeed in using one of their more overt acts of corruption to make an inattentive public think they won't tolerate bad behaviour and malfeasance.

  7. i guess if the water treatment plant design engineers were instructed by the band leaders to specify H20Pro product on the band water treatment projects michele(and bruce) mite cash in-as a canadian water treatment contractor(who tussles? with engineers) it's a long shot

  8. Disbarred convicted fraudster became a TOP adviser to the PM THEN became Executive Director of the Canada School of Energy and Environment and the Vice-Chair of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada, a 22 yr old escort he lives with in a $400,000 house with an in ground pool, influence peddling, a contract he witnessed that would give her TWENTY % of all gross revenue from sales of H2O Global Group to the First Nations on water treatment, knew when Duncan was goin to Indian Affairs….

    A first in Canadian HISTORY of on the verge of being found in CONTEMPT of Parliament, Doctoring documents then LYING to the house, ANOTHER former staffer being investigated for political interference around access to information requests and the list goes on…

    This is absolutely sickening…

  9. Harper's monitors of the internet and comment sections of the national news outlets must have gone through hundreds of red pencils in the past few weeks with the number of scandals that have erupted. Given that the PMO controls everything that happens in this government , it will be interesting to see how far up the food chain these scandals go.

    Well Stevie your promise of "accountability" is about to come to the forefront and you're not going to enjoy it.

    • You can bet some PMO staffer will fall on his/her sword to save the PM on this one.

  10. Thank god that we have a few journalists left at the Aboriginal network, we obviously have none left at Macleans or at the other right-wing private sector media. Now, if Coyne's friends the Harperites get a majority, I expect that, as well as closing the CBC, we will see about a 50 percent drop in funding for aboriginal peoples. Stephanie will get even!!!

  11. We all know nothing will come of this….first nations are at the mercy of this corrupt right wing government. Watch the Senate hearings regarding anything first nations and see what I mean.

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