PMO shields Hu Jintao from Chinese-language media -

PMO shields Hu Jintao from Chinese-language media

NTDTV and Epoch Times blocked from covering Chinese PM’s appearances


Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s office bowed to a request by China to keep two specific media organizations away from four public appearances by Chinese Prime Minister Hu Jintao in Ottawa. New Tang Dynasty TV and The Epoch Times were both blocked from attending, sources told The Toronto Star. The Epoch Times has been particularly critical of the Chinese government in the past. Although not allowed to ask questions, Canada’s English-language media was allowed to attend the appearances to hear speeches and take pictures.

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PMO shields Hu Jintao from Chinese-language media

  1. "Thanks for taking care of the media for me, Steve."

    "Glad to help, Mr. Prime Minister . Next time you're here, we'll sit you down for a friendly interview with my pal Kory."

  2. Harper is used to clamping down on media questions or avoiding them altogether, so I'm sure he had no trouble with this request.

  3. So, a visiting foreign dignitary can determine which news organizations are allowed to cover his activities and the Canadian government quietly knuckles under. Seems the CSIS official might have been right about foreign influence over our politicians.

  4. so money talks…and human rights walk.

  5. Wasn't that long ago and Jason Kenney was making an ass out of international diplomacy, all to risk the life of a democracy advocate in China with some good old fashion Harperite showboating. And now? Birds of a feather, I guess.

  6. Do we need any more proof of the credibility of Richard Fadden, the director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service's recent comments?

    Our own wretched Prime Minister is under the influence of Chinese politicians, so much so, he would stifle our Charter of Rights and Freedoms in order to please Chinese President Hu Jintao. (see. Sec. 2b – freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication).

  7. Good for you, Harper. You want a meeting with the leaders of the largest countries in the world, only a complete idiot (like most of the posters here) would allow them to be subjected to ridicule. This is a world management meeting, let them protest or raise their concerns at a different time in a different place. I would be embarassed if our PM allowed unfettered ridicule no matter what the agenda.

    • The media were not allowed to ask questions of the leaders. These news organizations could have been admitted on the same condition. The leaders would thus have been treated courteously and been subjected to criticism in later newscasts….i.e. the right time and place.

    • Obvious you are an 'oldtimer' – new ideas, fresh thoughts, different approaches will be what will help change the world from all the serious damage that the 'old' thinking has done the past.

  8. That is unfortunate and disappointing.

    • Let me add one more adjective: ILLEGAL! This is NOT how Canada is supposed to work. If the rest of the media had any stones, there would not be a single reporter covering that Chinese (or Canadian) jackass, in protest.

  9. I can't wait for Iggy to weigh in on this. He, Chretien & Co. were complaining that Harper was unduly antagonizing the Chinese by pressing the human rights issue. I assume that Iggy and Chretien are therefore 100% supportive of this move.

    • uhm, not accurate. but you know that.

  10. Probably worth noting that these are Falun Gong media outlets.

    • Why? Because in China people are tortured and killed for practicing Falun Gong?

      • Exactly. I didn't notice Fairchild or Sing Tao on the list of outlets Hu was trying to avoid.

    • They've done a good job of hiding the fact that they're Falun Gong outlets. Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation of what these media outlets really are – a propaganda farm against the Chinese government, a mirror image of Chinese government propaganda.

  11. I believe it is a smart move for the Prime Minister, as long as there will be a free for all media swarming of the chinese president after his meeting with the PM. If not… what a disappointment.

  12. Falun Gong is but a mirror image of the Communist Party of China. They use the same deceptive tactics that date back to Mao's Cultural Revolution to trick gullible Westerners into thinking that their cause is righteous. Notice how McLean's doesn't even mention the links of NTDTV and Epoch Times to Falun Gong, even though this is a very widely acknowledged fact. In the overseas Chinese community, regardless of whether someone is for or against the current Chinese administration, people generally dismiss these media outlets as propaganda for Falun Gong and take it with a grain of salt. Only those unfamiliar of the situation will buy into their crap.