Poland holds state funeral for Kaczynski

Polish president to be buried in historic Wawel Cathedra


Thousands of mourners gathered in Krakow Sunday for the state funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski and his wife. Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was one of only a few leaders who defied restrictions on air travel caused by volcanic eruptions in Iceland to attend the service. Krakow’s Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz specficially thanked the Russian leader during the funeral, saying “the sympathy and help we have received from Russian brothers has breathed new life into a hope for closer relations and reconciliation between our two Slavic nations.” The mass was held at St Mary’s Basilica and Kaczynski will buried in the historic Wawel Cathedral.

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Poland holds state funeral for Kaczynski

  1. I really hope this was nothing more than a tragic accident. I can't help but be a bit suspicious of the Russians when it comes to Polish affairs of state.

    • Kaczynski was no cheerleader for Russia, but he was an unpopular lame duck president projected to loose his re-election in a couple months. The president's rank in Poland is similar to a Governor General's role intended to serve primarily as a diplomatic and state representative capacity; the real power is with the Prime Minister of Poland. There would be almost nothing for Russia to gain from an assassination, especially one so conspicuously on their own soil.
      Poland is not Georgia, it's a stronger and larger country, a NATO and EU member and the stakes for Russia would be much higher to risk an incident. World leaders also know that starting to assassinate leaders causes a cascade of retributions that is likely to backfire, why do you think it happens so rarely. For example an assassination can result in an even more radical leader taking the former's place on a populist wave of anger.

  2. Kaczynski really didn't deserve to be buried at Wawel Cathedral, that place is reserved for national heroes and Kings and is an important historical and cultural place for every Pole. He was not a bad man but it was only because he died under tragic circumstances he is getting such a star treatment. While he was alive not many people would have called him a national hero, most would have probably laughed at the idea. He should have been buried at St John's Cathedral in Warsaw's Old Town since he was Warsaw's mayor and was born there. Once all the emotions and shock wears off most people will realize it wasn't a good idea.

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