Polar bears, polarized opinions

Do Canada’s most famous beasts really need saving?


Polar bear experts are gathering in Winnipeg today for a scientific round table on the future of Canada’s most famous mammal. Jim Prentice, the Environment Minister, told reporters that this a “critical” and “pivotal” time for the polar bear population, and that it’s up to Canadians to ensure their survival in the age of global warming. But while many biologists believe that the iconic beasts are dying by the day, others don’t quite see it that way. Among the vocal doubters is Mike Spence, the mayor of Churchill, Man. (otherwise known as The Polar Bear Capital of the World) who is upset that he wasn’t invited to today’s Environment Canada conference. “I think they’re sending the wrong message by not including us,” he said. Don’t feel too bad, Mr. Mayor. The meeting is off-limits to the media, too.

Winnipeg Free Press

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Polar bears, polarized opinions

  1. Typical… that’s because it’s not about polar bears or their populations…it’s about reinforcing this idea that WE are contributing to global warming which is a myth.


  2. Just another feel good exercise that even the Conservative government has bought into to placade the eco-loons. And for God’s sake don’t bother to ask the opinion of the politicians and people who live there. Ironic isn’t it. Usually this same crowd of lefty eco-loons would be deriding we “stupid white people” who have screwed everything up and should be listening to the sage wisdom of native elders, except in this case apparently. Why? Because in this case the “stupid inuit” would be getting in the way of a great fund raising scam by the World Wildlife Fund and the other usual suspects. According to the people who actually live there, there seems to be no shortage of polar bears, but that just doesn’t fit with the story line by the eco-fraudsters and the media trying to sell newspapers by generating hysteria. The “endangered” polar bear is now the poster boy for every eco-fraudster out there. Evidence for declining polar bear numbers? None. Period. More speculation by alarmist con artists.

  3. Not to worry! Having a national securities regulator as opposed to several provincial ones will solve this problem!

  4. Yes, it’s all about perception eh? Why, if there is no food out in Hudson Bay to get (because you know, there isn’t any ice to walk on because of climate change), and they all congrgate in Churchill around the dumpster sites, that PROVES their population is just fine! What do the scientists and, you know, trained biologists who study them know? Science is so over rated!

    Really folks, you climate change deniers/Flat Earth society people appall me.

    • Bingo! Well said.

    • I agree on the substance of the post, but I do think the Churchill Mayor should have been invited to a discussion on “what is to be done about the Polar Bear.” Because, as you’ve mentioned, if their dwindling numbers are going to congregate in Churchill, that’s kinda Churchill’s business. What is to be done must include the immediate realities (because worrying about providing habitat while Churchill residents are forced to shoot and kill them all is kind of pointless)

    • Scott, the polar bear population in Candadian controaled areas of the artic has increased from 8000 to 16000. How do you explain this? They all must be dining like kings in Churcill I guess. As for lack of ice, it has been reported that the ice pack is incresing again(again another inconvienient truth from scientists and people who live there, not Big Al). That was before this record setting cold winter all of Canada has been enduring. It was -50C in Yellowknife the other day. I don’t expect any big meltdown there soon! But go ahead keep sending money and government grants to the fraudsters if it makes you feel good. The only thing appalls me is how easily fools like you are parted from their money by eco-con artists. Cheers.

    • If there were any evidence that the population is not fine, then maybe you’d have a point.

      But while the Churchill population might be declining, most populations are increasing, all over the world. So who the heck is the flat-earther? No matter what happens to the polar bears, whether they decline in number, increase in number, move around, stay still, not matter what happens is quantified as evidence of global warming.

    • Churchill has had “garbage bears” since the 1960’s. AGW has nothing to do with it – not that there is any such thing.

  5. actually there seems to be a difference of opinion between gvt biologists and aboriginal hunters. The biologist say the numbers may be dropping the hunters say otherwise. A clash of different worlds maybe. The problem may lies in the fact that an accurate count has never been done. Any one who’s ever been up here will know why.
    NWT resident [ wintrtime]

  6. sf : don’t expect any evidence or proof of any kind from the fanatics. Global warming is the new religion led by the high priest Al Gore. As I am sure you are aware, religion is not based on proof, facts or rational argument. To disagree with them on any point makes you a heratic, flat earther, in league with the “evil harper” or on the payroll of “big oil”(i wish..lol). Eventually their arguments always degenerate to name calling anyone who challenges or even mildy questions their “truth”. Global warming is no more than a theory based on computer models which may or may not be correct. No matter how loudly they scream the debate is over, it is not. Many scientists are not on board with this ,with more starting to question it all the time. This takes a certain amount of courage as any scientist who disagrees with the new “high priest” risks being blacklisted and having grants and funding cut off. A last thought on computer models used to predict real events in the future. All weather forcasts are based on computer models. As hard as they try their success rate drops dramatically on anything past 24 to 48 hours. It falls off the chart when trying to predict weather 7 days out. So how can the fanatics be so sure what is going to happen in 50 or 100 years. It is impossible to factor in so many variables over so long a time. I ask, is it worth demolishing what is left of our economy to placate a band of religious zealots? I prefer to do my risk assement on hard evidence as to what has actually happened on earth during past melleniums. It’s all there for anyone who wants to look at it. Don’t take my word for it. In fact don’t take anyone word for anything. Look it up yourself. Histoical record shows the Earth warming and cooling all the time. There were times it was warmer than it is now, long before industrealization, or for that matter , people. It has also been cooler…much cooler. 10,000 years ago most of North America was covered in ice. Would that be cold enough for the fanatics? I don’t know as I have never been able to pin any of these people down as to what the temp should be according to them. Anyway, gotta go. Another snowstorm starting and it’s as cold as blazes out there. More climate change, have a good one all. Cheers.