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Police arrest two men in Ottawa in connection with bomb plot

Suspects allegedly linked to al Qaeda, more arrests expected


Police have arrested two men in Ottawa in connection with an alleged al Qaeda terror plot. The RCMP says its sweep of suspects is ongoing and more searches and arrests are expected. The suspected ringleader behind the bomb plot, which had a Canadian target, allegedly attended training camps in the Pakistan and Afghanistan region. Police have yet to release the names of either suspect.

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Police arrest two men in Ottawa in connection with bomb plot

  1. Good job guys and thanks!!!

    • I'll wait to hear more before making a decision.

  2. For all of those who are so concerned about the voluntary census we have 42000 people who have been deported missing somewhere in Canada..Their names do not show up on the census. If only 10% of these people are terrorists we are in trouble.

    • And if 100% of these people are terrorists, then we're REALLY in trouble. We're also in trouble if only 10% of the people who DO fill out the census are terrorists. Oh my god, I'm not gonna sleep tonight…

      • Haha.

  3. If coercion really leads to truth, and mandatory census is more accurate than voluntary, then why did not they include these questions on the census; 1)Are you a terrorist?; 2) How many people living in your house are terrorists?; 4) Number of friends and relatives living in Canada that are terrorists? 3) Where is Osama Bin Laden?.

    • Thanks for playing.

    • A mandatory census is not more accurate, it is more reliable. There is a difference.

      • So what you are saying is, the mandatory answers to those questions I posted, are more reliable than voluntary?

        • No, your answers are the same.
          The census data as an aggregate of information is more reliable.

  4. In Canada?? Pity!

  5. Nothing to do with Islam, move along… hey, don't you dare say it is… no, don't do it… don't do it… there is no relationship to Islam.

    Don't say otherwise, don't dare think it, and especially don't dare say it. Nope. You must not draw any sort of connection…

    • I have suspicions that Islam played a role in whatever these gents are accused of planning.

      Given that, what do you recommend that Canada should do differently from what is already occurring?

      • Likely not Islam per se. But Islam perverted into a political ideology — very likely.

        • Sure….

          What else is involved in the perversion process?

          • The contruction of a politicized and artificial theology wherein violent Jihad is stressed over portions of the Koran that forbid attacks on non-combatants, for one.

    • Just like we shouldn't draw any connection between McVeigh being a Christian…

      • McVeigh was an atheist. Hi kaboom had nothig to do with religion.

        • Care to try again?

    • I think my sarcasm was lost in translation… damn you internet!

  6. When will we get strong national leadership that will act on behalf of the majority of Canadians and take strong steps to stop the influx of people who hide their terrorist beliefs behind a religion or a culture?

  7. They could have knocked down the CN Tower, blown up Chemical Valley ( Sarina ), crashed small planes into the Pickering Nuke plant and Libby Davies, Linda McQuaig, Jim Reed, the CBC, Haroon Siddiqui, and other NDP types would continue to rail about Israel.

    • I tend to think they'd have to have really good aim to crash a small plane into Linda McQuaig.. she looks like she could move pretty fast.

    • So long as their are suspected terror plots in Canada, no one can criticize the actions or policies of other countries.

      No one is allowed to walk and chew gum at the same time.

      Everyone will enjoy utopia.

    • It would take a pretty big plane to take out Libby Davies.

  8. People used to say: If we have a Terrorist attack in Canada.. Now we say : When we have a Terrorist attack in Canada… sadly it is just a matter of time, What is happening to my beautiful country ?

    • What is happening to my beautiful country ?

      On most days, it is a freedom-loving, open society, in no particular hurry to lie down and take whatever these Islamic fundamentalist nutjobs decide they should throw at us.

      Fear not for your country. There are far worse things than being on al Qaeda's list of enemies… like being on its list of friends.

      • Well put….

    • Perhaps you've heard of the FLQ?

      • They are as popular as bell bottoms and share the same relevancy.

        • Actually, to the original poster who seems to be living in a fairy land where Canada and terrorism are strangers.. they actually do have quite a bit of relevance.

          • Thwim, It is not that I live in a fairyland as you suggest, it is that the Canada I know has never really had to be concerened about Terrorist attacks, that type of thing always happens some where else, not here. As far as the FLQ.is concerned, I was to young to really understand the severity of what was going on,,my Father and grandfather were though ! Besides the FLQ. was there any other serious terrorist attacks on Canadian soil ??

          • Well, you used the phrase Canadian soil, but I will certainly put Air India on your list. There have been recent firebombings of businesses in Montreal that just weren't French enough for the pyromaniac's liking. One might consider the events of sabotage on natural gas pipelines in Western Canada. Then there's Caledonia…

        • Agree, and they are both from a time long ago……

          • ooops.. the above reply was for Ottawa_Centrist…Sorry!

    • Our bueautiful country has been destructecd by three liberal Quebecers: Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien.
      They imposed on Canada a multiculturalism and wide open immigration door, but at the same time they did everything to exclude Quebec from multi-culti crap.
      Looks like destruction of Anglophone Canada was their ultimate goal.

      Now we have to deal with hords of Somali-Arab-Paki muslim slum that hates Canada but enjoy welfare and free health care.
      I wonder when ppl. wil wake up? Do we have to wait until islamists blow CN Tower and its leftovers
      fall straight on McGuinty head ?

      • And if something as tragic as the CN Tower being destroyed does happen, will witch-hunting fellow Canadians make you feel better? Will it falsely justify your opinion?

        • ottawa Centrist wrote:
          "And if something as tragic as the CN Tower being destroyed does happen, will witch-hunting fellow Canadians make you feel better? Will it falsely justify your opinion? "

          If it is our fellow Canadians who do the destroying, then I would say his opionion is justified. How soon you forget….Toronto 18….recent arrests in Ottawa…

          Sorry Centrist….there wasn't a yarmulke in the lot.

      • Canada-hating slum, eh? So, which is it: I am ignorant of dozens of terrorist attcks on my country these last few years? Or thousands of 'em got detained indefinitely without my knowledge?

        Howzat? Those thousands walk freely among us? Every day? Oh, the destruction we're suffering! When will it end?

    • true north asked:
      "What is happening to my beautiful country "

      It's called Multi-Culturalism.

      thank you Liberal Party of Canada.

  9. Just poor misunderstood youts…ah not exactly.
    Were teased and discriminated at work.. um, nope.
    Were harassed while at home and snubbed by neighbours…no – can't be running with that one.
    OR is it the more pious the muslim the more chance of radicalization … Shhh!

    They were offended in someway, shape or form and it's all our faults. .. ok that's what cbc will run with.

  10. There is no perfection. There always have been and always will be a small percent of people who will commit to bad deeds. We cannot prevent all of it. There is no one group any more likely than any other group engaging in such practices. All we can hope for is that we have a security system which will reduce such occurrences to a minimum.

    • No one group is more likely than any other, huh? Then why are most terrorists Muslim nowadays? And why are YOU avoiding that obvious fact?

  11. bepele wrongly noted:
    "There is no one group any more likely than any other group engaging in such practices."

    Actually bepele, there is one group more likely than others' engaging in such practices. Open a newspaper or watch the news.

    The one group you refuse to see are obviously behind most of these terrorist atrocities and plots. Only an idiot would refuse to recognize that most terrorists and terrorism in the world is coming from ONE religion far more than any others'.

    It's Islam.

    Religion of peace my as_S. It's turned out to be a religion of pieces……

    pieces of Americans
    pieces of Canadians
    pieces of Brits
    pieces of afghans
    pieces of Iraqi's
    pieces of anyone else who isn't an adherent of Muhammed. Pieces be upon him…

    You're an idiot.

    • Extremists have killed more moderate Muslims than non-Muslims.

      Extremists are the enemy, not Muslims.

      • Extremists are not extremist without a face though, they are by their own claims, Muslim.
        When they murder they yell out the Islamic god's name and all communications from them (video, letters) state quite plainly that they are the soldiers/warriors of their god and they are doing as instructed and sanctioned in their holy book as dictated by they god.

        Not closing my eyes to the truth: "terrorists of extremists beliefs all stem from – from Islam, and they all declare war on the rest of us".
        That's a fact.

        • So you agree that Muslims are not the enemy; extremist Muslims are.

          For a variety of reasons elements of the West are in conflict with elements of Islam. It doesn't mean the West is in conflict with Islam.

          Perhaps an analogy would be when the IRA was an active threat to the English, the English didn't declare war on Ireland. They identified their enemy as the IRA.

          • So you agree that Muslims are not the enemy; extremist Muslims are.
            Never stated otherwise.
            It's a fact.

            Conflicts re: West vs shari'ah laws.
            Shari'ah is not compatible with democracy.
            Other analogies are so not relevant to me here, as they are/were not attacking globally or so indiscriminately as islamic muslim terrorists do presently – the world wasn't made confused via politicians, lobbyists, media and other interested parties, who exactly the IRA was either. Even Basque separatists warned all about their last bombings, just wanted to hurt the power, not kill the people.
            I am heartened by the moderate Muslims coming forth and speaking up for the it's one way for us all to unite and fight islamic terrorism.

  12. I agree….but unfortunately, the sad truth of the matter is that most extremists tend to be Muslim's.

    That's just the unpleasant reality.

  13. Ottawa Centrist asked:
    "So you agree that Muslims are not the enemy; extremist Muslims are."

    Of course I agree. But the extremists who are causing the most carnage are Muslim. I am also concerned about the Tamil tigers, or any other groups that terrorize.