Police blanket Parliament as oilsands protestors gather

Hundreds expected to rally against new oilsands pipeline


Hundreds of police officers crowded Parliament Hill Monday ahead of a planned protest against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. Greenpeace and other environmental groups oppose to the $7 billion project, which would pipe bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands to refineries in Texas. Police set up temporary fences on the hill ahead of the demonstration, which was expected to draw hundreds opposed to continued oilsands development. The protest comes after a similar demonstration in Washington, D.C., led to dozens of arrests.




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Police blanket Parliament as oilsands protestors gather

  1. The hypocrisy of this bunch especially their celebrity leaders. They live in monstrous homes that do more harm to the environment than 10 small ones Gore is an example. They fly on jets to protests. They gather around them all the dummies who hope their faces will be on the nightly news. Young who know nothing about making a living and old people who have been ignored most of their lives and it is a time to look important.Aboriginals who think they own Canada and we are paying them handsomely instead of using” to the winner goes the spoils” like every other country on this earth.They are Canadians have the same rights and no more and they should not expect us to pay for our ancestors forever…

  2. We don’t need any dirty Albertan oil, Toyota has developed a car fueled entirely by rainbows!


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