Police board kills promotions for G20-tainted cops

Officers who removed name tags denied routine raises


Toronto police officers who removed their name tags during last year’s G20 protests have been denied promotions by the city’s police board. A total of 90 officers were found to have stripped off their IDs during the event, which was plagued by widespread allegations of police brutality. The officers in question each received a one-day suspension without pay. Nine of those officers were recently put forward for promotion by Police Chief Bill Blair. But in a break from regular practice, the civilian police board refused to rubber stamp the upgrades. The police association has filed a grievance.

Toronto Star

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Police board kills promotions for G20-tainted cops

  1. a small step for mankind

  2. It is about time some consequence was given to someone …. fire Chief Blair!

  3. These officers have to learn that even for them actions have consequences.

  4. Good.

  5. While I’m generally pro-union and a supporter of seniority, I’m not convinced being denied a promotion really counts as a “punishment”, as long as it isn’t a long-term blackballing.

    On the other hand, if close to a hundred officers removed their identification, it sounds like they were given instructions that the run-of-the-mill officer suspected were illegal.  Senior officers & management should know more about what’s legal and what isn’t, but still gave the instructions.

    I didn’t know much about the ID issue, so I Googled it.  I also found out that some of the far-left arrestees were given bail on the condition that they don’t speak in public or to the media.  This scares me a lot more than officers removing nametags.  Police brutality AND censorship.  Not what one expects in a nominal democracy.  I guess the handful of soldiers vs mouthful of ideas applies within Canada as well as to foreign dictatorships.

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