Police kills 34 in one of the bloodiest shootings since apartheid


A police shooting at a South African platinum mine left 34 dead and 78 injured. As many as 259 people were arrested.

Police opened fire with automatic rifles and pistols on Thursday when confronted by a group of striking mineworkers, some of whom were carrying weapons.

On Friday, senior police officials held a press conference to defend their actions, stressing that the protesters had guns. Still, only one officer was injured, and video of the shooting shows police opening fire into a crowd until an officer shouts, “cease fire.”

An independent investigation has been launched, gathering ballistic and forensic evidence to find out if the shooting was justified.

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Police kills 34 in one of the bloodiest shootings since apartheid

  1. Sometimes you have to wonder how far enforcement vs protests/ protests vs. authority will go. Sadly I doubt this is the ceiling.

  2. maddeningly horrific. to see these people gunned down like that… i pray that this moment will at least shame the government and the mining company enough to stop this insanity.

  3. No surprise here! South African society gradually decayed under apartheid and it still decays under the corrupt ANC. The society will never change until you get new leadership that is willing to take on the challenges of high crime, a lousy education system, high level corruption, racial conflict, and the attempts of local village councils to undermine the power of elected authorities. The problem is that the opposition Democrat Alliance’s platform doesn’t say much about how they would battle crime or handle the unelected village councils that often ignore rulings from the South African justice system.

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