Police made big bucks during G8/G20

Contracts paid out millions in overtime and vacation pay, documents reveal


Police officers brought in from departments outside the Greater Toronto Area during last summer’s G8 and G20 summits amassed millions of dollars in bonuses and overtime pay, according to recently released RCMP documents. The CBC reported on Monday that the RCMP paid $7 million to hire 657 officers from 17 different police forces to help with the security clampdown during the two summits. According to the contracts, an officer from Stirling-Rawdon was hired on for 10 days received over $11,000 in overtime pay. The documents also reveal that 278 officers sent from the Montreal police force were paid vacation rates during their time at the summits, accumulating a total of $3.3 million. Former Toronto mayor John Sewell said the spending was “absolutely ludicrous,” and “irresponsible in the extreme.” The RCMP defended the spending, telling the CBC they were forced to pay these rates since they had to cater to the wage agreement of each police force.

CBC News

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Police made big bucks during G8/G20

  1. Who said crime doesn’t pay?

  2. Big bonuses AND permission to arrest and/or rough up anyone you come across. Sounds like a dream job for grown-up bullies.

    Keep up the good work SIU.

  3. From what I watched on TV, cops shoulda been using rubber bullets and pepper spray by the bucket load. Nobody has any right to be out there smashing windows and burning cars. Period. If you don’t want to get arrested, stay home.

    • Welcome to the new Canada:  No right to peaceful assembly, no right to question decision-makers.  This is Harper’s Canada.  This is McGuinty’s Ontario.  All yours for just a billion dollars.

  4. And this is news???   All you had to do was ask one of the cops from out of town that was there.  I knew this three days before the G20 started just by talking to three cops from Calgary – they were getting double time because they were using their vacation.  Challenge anyone to do what they did while packing 80 lbs. of equipment in 85 degree plus weather for 12 hour shifts!!!

    It would have made sense and saved $$$ to use our CF as they do in other countries, but the libs and dippers would have been yelling “troops in the streets” at the top of their collective lungs!!! 

    Ha! Just read this 15 minutes after my original post:

    “The bill for security at last summer’s G8 and G20 summits could have been much lower if the government had used more military personnel instead of police officers, Canada’s parliamentary budget officer says.”


  5. Its one thing to have a peaceful protest but once police cars started burning it is no longer peaceful. Get out of the area pronto, full stop!!!! Sadly under present rulers I expect this will become the Norm.

    • Different days, different people.

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