Police may have found Tori Stafford’s remains

Body of a “young child” discovered may be missing girl from Woodstock, Ont.


Police Commissioner Julian Fantino said this morning that human remains found northeast of Woodstock, Ont., may be those of Tori Stafford. The eight-year-old girl has been missing since April 8. Since then, police have been searching for her body in the Guelph and Fergus, Ont., areas, south of where the remains of a “young child” were discovered at about noon on Sunday. “We have some very strong leads that cause us to believe that we have in fact located the human remains of Tori Stafford,” Fantino said. Two Woodstock residents – Michael Rafferty and Terri-Lynne McClintic, have been charged with kidnapping and first-degree murder, in connection with Tori’s disappearance. McClintic has been assisting investigators’ search for the child’s body. The remains will be taken to Toronto for forensic investigation.

The Canadian Press

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Police may have found Tori Stafford’s remains

  1. Rest in Peace, sweet girl!

    • I pray for this little innocent girl every day. I hope she was not tortured by these evil people. They should get death penalty.

  2. Canada needs to bring back the death penalty …….this is why the world is what it is………their child lost her life & it wasn't by gods hands….& the people who stole her's should lose theirs…..Tara i hope they have found her so you & your family can finally have peace…..

  3. Hard to believe we live amongst people that do such evil things, no sane person could kill a child, he had to be on some kind of powerfull drugs, its the only reason for something like this.

  4. Bring back death penalty which will cut down on hideous crimes committed on the innocent

  5. These 2 need to pay for what they did to this poor inoccent little girl and also what they put the family friends and community!!! This little girl did nothing wrong to anyone to deserve this..No child should experiance what this little girl did… I have talked to Tara and gave her several hugs when I seen her becasue I wanted her to feel she has all the support from the community around her and her family.. Rest In Peace Little Angel…. May you finally be put to rest!!! I Agree deeply thry need to bring it back!!!

  6. I can't understand why they took the death penalty away in the first place.. IF these 2 sick people are going to spend the ret of their lives in jail they might as well give them the death penalty, But on the other hanfd thats too easy for those 2… They need to hear every word people in the community need to say to them from now and forever on!!! I know the 2 that did this and I am so sickened by this to know that I HAD friends that would do this but not anymore!!! So the death penalty would in fact be doing those 2 a huge favor becasue who wants to spent the rest pf their lives in jail???