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Police, protesters clash on 100th day of Quebec student movement


Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Montreal Tuesday to mark the 100th day of the Quebec movement against tuition hikes, and express anger over an emergency law that some say violates Charter rights.

More than 100 people were arrested Tuesday night as police declared sections of the large protest illegal—according to the hastily passed Bill 78, protests consisting of more than 50 people must be pre-arranged with police at least eight hours in advance. But followers of the more radical student union, the CLASSE, have been encouraged to defy the law, and a small group split off from the main protest Tuesday, which was following a route given to police.

“We want to make the point that there are tens of thousands of citizens who are against this law who think that protesting without asking for a permit is a fundamental right,” CLASSE spokesman Gabrielle Nadeau-Dubois told the CBC while marching with protesters. “That is part of the objective of the protest today, to underline the fact that this law is absurd and inapplicable.”

According to police, some protesters threw projectiles and wore masks, breaking a new Montreal bylaw that bans demonstrators from concealing their faces. As a result, sections of the protest were declared illegal, and police moved in to make arrests, the Canadian Press reports. It was the 29th evening march on Montreal streets since the movement began in February.

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Police, protesters clash on 100th day of Quebec student movement

  1. Student protests? You mean student riots. That is the proper term for situations where mobs of alleged students destroy other people’s property, physically attack police officers, invade schools to intimidate non-striking students and block public thoroughfares funded by hardworking taxpayers. The gentle Canadian media always likes to warn us about the horrible Tea Party in the U.S. or the horrible “rednecks” in Alberta but it seems that REAL violence almost always comes from the Left. Yes, it still counts as violence if the person throwing a Molotov cocktail is wearing a Che Guevera t-shirt. Being a fan of mass murderer Guevera does not make it OK to use violence against your fellow citizens. The worst part is that the waste of space “student” leaders are probably all big backers of the useless gun registry and are the type of people that would express horror at its repeal. They think it’s wrong for citizens to be able to defend themselves but it’s perfectly fine for organized mobs to rampage in the streets assaulting anyone who gets in their way. Could that be the reason that the Socialists and Communists are always so keen for gun control? They don’t want citizens to be able to defend their communities? It must also be noted that a lot of funding for these student riots is coming from unions all over Canada who are stealing workers’ money to fund mayhem, whether the workers like it or not. We need immediate emergency legislation that will make it illegal for unions to withdraw union dues at source from workers’ paycheques. Let’s see how much money they’ll have to waste if workers aren’t forced to fund these Communist front organizations that Canada’s unions have turned into.

  2. A bunch of obsessive compulsive attention seeking students donning masks so we can’t recognize them. Bill 78. Police on horseback. Police in riot gear. Storefronts being trashed. Money hungry lawyers offering their services. Politicians lining up to try and score some cheap political points. Michael Moore trying to cash in on some cheap publicity. A media circus out of control. The lunatics are running the assylum. Welcome to Canada.

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