Police reopen G20 investigation

Watchdog to look into use of excessive force


Ontario police are reopening an investigation into injuries sustained by Adam Nobody, 27, whose nose and cheekbone were broken by police officers during the G20 summit in Toronto this summer. Earlier, the director of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) had said that there was a “probable excessive use of force” in Nobody’s case. Nobody is alleging he was assaulted by police twice during his arrest—one instance of which was captured on video by web developer John Bridge. Interestingly, the officer who arrested Nobody wasn’t wearing a badge that matched any of those issued by the Toronto Police Services. The Crown dropped the charges against Nobody in October, saying that the police didn’t have “reasonable probable grounds” to arrest him.

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Police reopen G20 investigation

  1. “probable excessive use of force” in Nobody's case

    The spin just writes itself, doesn't it?

  2. "Ontario police are reopening an investigation "
    Why is it, when it comes to wrong doings by authority figures, the autority figures investigate themselves. Have the public decide and we would not have these kind of abuses and disregard of civil rights by the same people the public pay to protect… THE PUBLIC. Not the G20. If the media would do the job of "investigating and reporting news events" properly, and not regurgitate the propaganda the public would have enough information to decide the fate of the peop[le involved in passing the war time act to violate the rights of some 1000 or more people.

  3. I would have to say that the police probably had no cause to arrest Adam Nobody, but who knows? I wasn't there. As somebody who has had his nose broken a few times in a fight (but hey, that happens sometimes when you play hockey), there was probably excessive force because he had his cheekbones broken. How many blows does it take to break somebody's nose, right?

    But the issue isn't Adam Nobody's broken nose nor his broken cheekbones. It isn't even the fact that "Adam Nobody" probably wasn't his real name.

    For some reason or another, the police had to let him go. Why? Because the police didn't want some people to exercise their right to protest during a meeting of some of the most powerful leaders in the world and they went too far to prevent him from exercising that right.

    If only they hadn't roughed him up too much!

    One of the fundamentals in a free society is freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Supposedly, people in a democracy have the right to get together and protest something that they disagree with, like a G20 summit.

    But maybe I was wrong.