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Police won’t comment on report Ford’s entourage tried to get alleged crack video


TORONTO – Toronto police aren’t commenting on a report that they are investigating attempts by associates of Rob Ford to obtain an alleged video purportedly showing the mayor using crack cocaine.

The Toronto Star is reporting that two members of Ford’s entourage were beating the bushes in the days after media reports surfaced that some journalists had viewed the alleged video.

The Star quotes a witness as saying an occasional driver and security guard for the mayor, Alexander “Sandro” Lisi, visited a group of known drug dealers and asked about the whereabouts of the people who made the alleged video.

Lisi’s lawyer has confirmed his client is involved in a police investigation but would not give specifics.

The Star story says the mayor’s logistics director, David Price, was making phone calls inquiring about the video’s whereabouts, but doesn’t attribute the information.

Days after the story broke, Ford said he doesn’t use cocaine and added he couldn’t comment on a video that doesn’t exist.

The Star has previously reported that Ford is said to have told close confidants that he knew where the video was and provided two addresses.

Earlier this year, police launched a series of raids targeting gangs and one of the addresses raided was a Toronto apartment complex where the alleged video was reported to be located.

Police have refused to say if Ford was in any way part of the investigation.

The video has never surfaced despite a crowdsourcing attempt by online gossip site Gawker to raise $200,000 to buy it.

Neither Ford, nor members of his inner circle, immediately commented on the latest Star story.

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Police won’t comment on report Ford’s entourage tried to get alleged crack video

  1. I’m confused about Canadian politics (I live in Florida). Is Mayor Ford a king or a mayor?

    • he’s our President of Perversion

    • He is the elected mayor of his city. A very colorful, populist, individual with conservative leanings who refuses to be bullied by the liberal left. Consequently he has been made the target of multiple drive-by smears by the maggot leftist media.

      That being said, I live on the west coast, but wouldn’t vote for him if I lived in his city: a bit too colorful for my tastes.

      • Maggot leftist media like, say, the Sun?

  2. LOL….King of all Liars…and a Mayor in name only.

  3. Any chance this skeleton might be in Bill Blair’s closet?